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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] GIF Glamorous Temptation Episode 10 Highlights

I am really late in updating the drama. Since this is going to have 50 episodes, [which I did not really knew until I checked asianwiki] it will be a long period of watching. I think it will be best to just share screen caps in my next post and write summary thoughts once in a while. For now will share some gif I made and some thoughts only.

Although the drama's pace is slow, I think it fits the length of the story. I love the story so far. Somethings have been unpredictable particularly towards the latest episodes I already saw. I wonder on the title of the drama, "Glamorous Temptation" or in other sites call it Brilliant Seduction. It's kind of telling what will be the progress concerning the character of Eun Soo. I think my hunch will be played on sooner...or in the middle of the story.  But will wait if my thoughts are right.


No one seems to know where Hyung Woo is. And of course, Eun Soo did not also come to work that day. Both were kidnapped the night before. They were fooled to come to the park thinking Mi Rae called them. 

Who, then was the culprit behind this kidnapping?

They found themselves in a big container. They were actually hanging over the sea. It was futile to ask for help because their cellphones were taken along with Eun Soo's bag. Hyung Woo was at first unconscious with blood coming from his head wound. Eun Soo tried to wake him up. The kidnapper intended for them to die. Water seeped in when the container touched the water. It would be a miracle for them to save themselves when they were locked in. 

As water poured in, Eun Soo desperately gave oxygen to Hyung Woo who had lost his consciousness again under the water. She kissed him, blowing air. 

Next thing she knew, she woke up at a hospital. Who rescued them?

Il Joo and Hyung Woo's mother went to the hospital. Someone called Hyung Woo's mother and told her what happened.

They were surprised to see Eun Soo by Hyung Woo's bed. Apparently, the two were together... again. Another betrayal...Il Joo? 
Since she always think that Eun Soo is the intruder in her relationship with Hyung Woo, then and now. Oh I do hate her duplicity!

Of course, Hyung Woo's mother did not like him associated with Eun Soo. Well, she has always disliked the woman. She asked her what happened.

Il Joo and Eun Soo talked outside. She blamed Eun Soo. She was desperate last night, the time when she could not reach Hyung Woo because she was assaulted by her crazy husband. Then now she found out Hyung Woo was with Eun Soo. She ended their friendship.

But I think she never really is a friend to Eun Soo anyway.  She pretended to be. She hold on to so called friendship whenever it suits her. My thoughts, of course.

Hyung Woo woke up. He has not gathered his thoughts yet, so he was a bit confused why he was at the hospital. He knew that the one who informed his mother must know her.

This is what's true then. Prime Minister was not the one behind the kidnapping. His aide even saved Hyung Woo and Eun Soo. Prime Minister was thinking that someone who was using Eun Soo must be behind the crime.

Eun Soo's family was concerned that she did not come home.

Il Joo having insecurities, jealousy and  most of all doubt towards Hyung Woo.

Hyung Woo still pretends to be someone whom Il Joo can trust. I think he does not really love Il Joo but using her only to take revenge against her father. But I wonder how will he protect Eun Soo in the coming episodes.

Hyung Woo bought two cellphones.  He gave one to Eun Soo. 

He called Eun Soo and advised her to stay home and not come to work. They do not know still who wanted them dead.

But Eun Soo came to work the next day. She won't let the incident stop her from going to the Prime Minister's house. After all, she also needed to learn who did that to her.

This woman is a spy. She reported that Eun Soo came and see the Prime Minister.

Il Joo and her crazy husband talking. He was sorry but Il Joo would not forgive him. She totally abhors him. She is scared of him.

Prime Minister visited Hyung Woo at the hospital. He told Hyung Woo it was him who saved them.

Hyung Woo's mother has her own plans. She knew the Prime Minister sometimes mistook Eun Soo for Cheong Mi. She then gave Eun Soo a scarf. I am just confused how she got the scarf from the box Il Joo keeps. But it sure looked the same scarf.

The kidnapper...

Surprisingly, [yes I was surprised] it was Il Joo's husband. Too much jealousy?

He talked to the couple with the father-in-law. But what's clear, the marriage will go on even if Il Joo already told her father what her husband did to her. She could not do anything, for now.

Il Joo told Hyung Woo that her husband kidnapped him and Eun Soo. 

I am really liking Il Ran. For a brat, she has her charms, though. Well maybe because she treats Eun Soo accordingly and she likes her which is really interesting. She shopped clothes for her. 

Now Hyung Woo can also receive the calls Eun Soo gets. He made their phones connected, although it is a secret to Eun Soo. He will track her phone calls to know who is ordering her to get information regarding the slush funds.

It is still not time to be together.

Even though Hyung Woo shows so much concern for her, Eun Soo is thinking of Il Joo and her feelings. She told Hyung Woo not to concern himself anymore with her and that she will take care of herself.

I want them together because of the past story they had and the young romance that were cut abruptly, because of tragedy that happened to his father. 

The Voice

it will take days to unravel the true voice behind the calls.

Eun Soo and Prime Minister
She is playing along...

She knew she has been mistaken a couple of times already. The Prime Minister seeks her again. She was wearing the scarf. She took the opportunity to ask him questions because he seemed to be in a trance, thinking she was Cheong Mi.

Next day Eun Soo was being questioned in front of family and Hyung Woo with his mother. Apparently, she received cash on her bank account. She was getting money from the Prime Minister. She denied the allegation.

But when Il Doo called the bank, the money was already transferred to her account.
She was lying...or so they thought. 
She looked like someone who schemes to get money from the Prime Minister.

Definitely a set up!


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