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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] GIF Because It's The First Time Episode 7

It was not what I was expecting the twist will played out. I thought Tae Oh was ready to reveal why he was annoyed, why Song Yi and Ji An being a couple irritated him and affect him so much. But it all just came down to feeling blindsided. Fooled by his friends. Betrayed somehow for not telling him the truth.

Somehow, Tae Oh got away from the situation without revealing much of his thoughts and feelings for Song Yi. No one had suspected that he [has/had] crush on her. So they all ended up going home together.  

Tae Oh invited Se Hyun to his place. With  cute drawn map, he posted it on the wall where curious sunbaes were waiting for Se Hyun to reveal what was inside. It was a nice walk finding where Tae Oh lives. He let her knew of the favorite spots or where his friends work and hang out. She was smiling all through out her walk. It was like she was finally seeing the other side of Tae Oh.

She saw his friends Ga In and Hoon fooling around with each other. A bit crazy but adorable couple. So they are his friends.

I laughed so much in this scene. Hoon was so much a fool in front of Ga In. She was so cute while she makes him do what she wants. They look so perfect with each other.

Se Hyun fpound Tae Oh's place. They were alone. The thing is, he lied about Song Yi when she asked where she lives? He did not tell her So Yi lives with him. He went to hide all the things that would show Song Yi is living with him.  And he thought it is going to be a perfect night. Their first date.

Scenes where he tried to be casual and comfortable with her...

The night is getting hot...

The quick kiss...

Se Hyun showing him that she knew some smooth moves... after all she has been in short relationships before.

But then, he did not anticipate Song Yi arriving at that moment! Who was more shocked? Song Yi? Tae Oh? Se Hyun?

Embarrassed would be what Se Hyun must be feeling. 
But then, it felt like Tae Oh had betrayed his friend Song Yi. By being with another girl in this very intimate moment.

The aftermath...
Se Hyun was angry. She was lied at by Tae Oh. Song Yi lives there.

She walked out on him. But then, he never ran after her.

Song Yi and Tae Oh talked. He was sorry to let her witness such a scene. She was more sorry but he said that she too lives there so he should have told her ahead. He was a true gentleman after all.

I like this scene where she suddenly noticed his messed up buttoned shirt. She tried to fix them while he was so awkward all the time. It was not even making her nervous like what he was feeling while she unbutton and buttoned up his shirt.

Yup, Tae Oh is already a namja!
A man!

Next morning was like any other morning, Because Tae Oh knew why her mother left them for another man, he feels sorry to her. But then he kept what he knew to himself. He let her be. He even tasted what she cooked for him, imitating his mother's cooking skills through her recipe.

Well, Tae Oh could not do anything but accept the fact that Song Yi and Ji An are a couple now. He learned about Ji An's credit card used by his father and now in debt.. he knew now the reason why Ji An hesitated first about dating Song Yi. What can he do but support his friends.

I love bromance in k-drama!
So cute!
so lovable...


Ga In was scouted to be a model...

Se Hyun passed a drink through Ji An to Tae Oh.

Se Hyun had to forgive Tae Oh. Song Yi even went out to see her and explain everything what Tae Oh could not tell her.

Somehow, they started again as a couple. Tae Oh was feeling happy.

I always feel that Song Yi would never be able to be comfortable with Ji An and she is with Tae Oh.

Ji An saw how Song Yi reacted to the beautiful ring another woman wears given by her boyfriend. It was a couple ring and looked expensive. Ji An knew he could not yet afford things like that. But then, Song Yi never said anything. He gave her again the hair clip she lost. That's when he found out she was drenched by the rain the day they went on a date. He assumed she called Tae Oh and she told him that Tae Oh was with Se Hyun.

He knew she feels closer to Tae Oh even if he is the boyfriend.

Then something came up. Song Yi's sister saw their mother. Song Yi was in a hurry to go but not telling Ji An the reason. Still, she kept it from him.

But not from Tae Oh. 
Tae Oh was supposed to spent the night with Se Hyun watching movie and doing some projects but he put them aside when he received her call. Not that Song Yi was asking him to be with her. Rather she let him know she would not be home because she would go some place to see her mother.

It was a tough decision for Tae Oh letting go of Se Hyun's hand when he was the first to asked her not to let him go. But still, he needed to be where Song Yi is.

A disappointment?
No, Se Hyun was hurt. She knew that what she thought initially was right all along. Tae Oh likes Song Yi more than he realized. He ran to Song Yi, leaving her alone.

Will Tae Oh knew his true feelings? I like the twist. Although this will put a couple characters hurting, still I am loving it. Because I hoped that the OTP will be Song Yi and Tae Oh.

Both have not realized their importance in each other's life. Both have never weighed each other's feelings for one another. 

Or will it only be Tae Oh?

It is still unexpected..the ending. What will it be?


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