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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] GIF Because It's The First Time Episode 6 Highlights

Just some thoughts on this episode...

Of course, I felt sad and a bit embarrassed for Song Yi caught in the rain in front of Tae Oh and his girlfriend Se Hyun. I think it was more because of Se Hyun, actually. No one would like to be in Song Yi's place that time. That's also a realization that Tae Oh chose to walk Se Hyun over her who have always been his friend and the one she could count on, always.

Tae O treated her small wound on her foot, told her not to lean on him now that he has a girlfriend and she has a boyfriend. It was awkward and sad at the same time to face what changes happened recently to their friendship. Would it be the end?

It was also time for Ga In to accept that her father is really gone. It was a year since he left and her friends are there to support her and be with her on his death anniversary. Time to let her illusion to put aside. Time to let go. Time to cry. Time to do them with her friends. She was never really alone.

Then there will always be this kind of conversations between boys. Coz boys will always be boys!
Although it was not really bad, the curiosity towards a girl even if she happens to be a friend makes these two look a bit of a pervert. lol!

Ji An concerned now because he is the secret boyfriend of Song Yi. The naughtiness of Tae O and Hoon were not funny at all to him. Poor Ji An.

FRIENDSHIP is what makes youth memorable!

The romance is budding. Se Hyun finds herself smiling at the little notes Tae O wrote together with the research he had done. It flutters her heart.

And even if her colleagues / classmates are present, she had to say these words...

I miss you...

Guess, she likes Tae O now more than she realized.

I felt pity towards Tae O for not realizing that Song Yi and Ji An are so into one another. He was asking them to go ride a bike with him but no one wants to go. They are conspiring against him. Even Hoon and Ga In don;t want to go.

Poor Tae Oh, I feel you. 

And of course, this scene is like a betrayal! How could they?

Now he knew. Now they knew!
The kiss they witnessed between Ji An and Song Yi!
The sweet kiss, the care and the smiles all through it.

Tae O was definitely shocked! Who would not be?
After all he has or had [whatever he feels like] on Song Yi.

Would Tae O be accustomed to seeing these two in front of him lovey dovey?
I wonder if Song Yi never realized Tae O likes her more than a friend or just pretended it was not at all like that.

That's why these two are acting this sweet in front of them, on front of Tae O.

Yes, it's right to go for a walk alone. To clear his mind. To not see them like that.

This call was what he needed. To forget loneliness that suddenly arose. Tae Oh seemed to like her seriously. But I doubt the dept of his feelings. Yes, it could grow everyday, but the fact that he has not gotten over Song Yi totally will clearly be a hindrance to make him fall in love with Se Hyun.

Just as I thought!
The thing about Song Yi and Ji An bothered him. Bothers him still. He could not get over it. He could not concentrate on his driving because of the images he saw earlier. Why did they bother him? Why was he annoyed?

It is irritating him!

It felt like it was suffocating to be with them inside the car. 

In the end, Tae Oh, told them to get out of the car!
Will his feelings be caught?
Has he realized what he has done and why he is upset?

The story is turning to an even more interesting development. My OTP are Tae Oh and Song Yi. But I am not sure who will be the writer's choice in the end. It's conflicting. But I think the realization will come unexpectedly for these characters.


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