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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] Screen caps D-Day Episode 14 Highlights

I like the villain in the story. The Director.

He keeps the story captivating with his ruthless personality against Hae Sung. It was as if his mission in life is to make everything fall apart for Hae Sung. Because Hae Sung is a hindrance to his ambition, to his greed. 

Now learning that the President was in a landslide [unfortunately] it was time for him to celebrate. I laughed seeing how he was in a very happy mood, anticipating already that his brother-in-law did not survive. But then...

he was saved yet again by Hae Sung. From previous episode, he drilled a hole in his skull to stop the hemorrhage and to stable his blood  pressure. He was rushed to the hospital for an emergency surgery. But then, the Director told Woo Jin secretly to act as if he is saving the patient. 

The evil in this Director's mind is making plans to secure his ambition. But Woo Jin did not only heed the request, he even called for Hae Sung and his team to help in the surgery. It was a success. Although the President still needs another surgery soon. This act was a betrayal of trust for the Director. Woo Jin clearly disobeyed his wishes. Now their relationship definitely torn.

Regarding the daughter of the fireman, it was possible to do the surgery. Hae Sung told the father but with reservation that it might not be a success. Still. it was worth doing the risk than not at all. Hae Sung was assured that whatever the outcome of the surgery, he won't be blamed. Although everyone in Hae Sung's team were tired, it was only Dae Gil who walked out after being scolded by Ddol Mi. He went out and told Myung Hyun [the fat doctor..oh this man irritates me so much!] that he was needed. I do think this doctor has a big ego that needed to be filled with praises in order for him to act properly on his job. Thankfully, the surgery finished successfully, too.

By this time. Woo Jin knew his eye condition is getting worse. Soon, he would not be able to see. After the President's operation he was pondering on his previous works and decisions, regretting that he did not do the right thing much sooner because of his own ambition. Ji Na hugged him,understanding his frustrations and regrets.

The romance between Ddol Mi and Hae Sung was not progressing the way I wanted or hoped it to be. But they were doing okay. They were more comfortable than ever.

The Director has to do something towards Hae Sung to make him feel better, to make his ambition realized as planned. He had to make Hae Sung suffer. He asked all the doctors to vote for Hae Sung's license as a doctor be suspended.

This is the reason why this man, the villain i the drama, the Director's character is so much interesting. He never cease to make me hate him. His endless pursuit to make Hae Sung's life hell is really what makes every battle of Hae Sung against him too captivating.

Of course, I am definitely looking forward to the final battle. How the Director will be defeated.

Hopefully, I will be able to finish my review on the drama soon. It's really hard catching up.:))


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