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Monday, April 6, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] Missing Noir M Episode 1 Screen caps Review + GIF

If not for this man Kim Kang Woo I would not even peek at this drama. Good thing I stumbled on this while searching for something to watch. Missing Noir M is a mystery and suspense drama that revolves around police investigations and solving crimes.

I already like the drama. It was like watching a movie. The episode showed a fast pace development and the continuity of the story is well written. I love the execution and the visuals of every scene. Or am I praising the drama too much just because Kim Kang Woo is playing the role that very much suits him, suave, good looking and intelligent detective. His role here reminds me of Alex Cross, the fictional character created by James Patterson, best played by Morgan Freeman in Kiss the Girls and Along Came a Spider. Kim Kang Woo's cool and silent style made Gil Soo Hyun interesting to watch.

Short Recap

Kim Kang Woo played the role of Gil Soo Hyun, a former FBI agent who has an amazing intellectual background. He started his career early as an FBI agent but decided to quit and went back to Korea. But police force in the Korea are already preparing something for him that they believe only he can handle personally. A criminal detained for his crimes are not yet confessing the where abouts of the people he killed but he is ready to share clues if Gil Soo Hyun will see him and handle the case.

Kang Ha Neul played a psychopath and serial killer in this drama as Lee Jung Soo. He is the creepy kind. Intelligent and using mind games to arouse curiosity and the will to solve the crime ahead of time he has created. He draws the victims and their current situations but never giving the exact location. Gil Soo Hyun was handed  several hints but only few among those are true. 

So what was episode was all about?

LJS killed his parents and other people. But he insists that the missing people are still alive and it is in the police's hands if they will be found alive or dead because they are too late to save them. Gil Soo Hyun asked for assistance and he was given Oh Dae Young [Park Hee Sun] as a partner and Jin Seo Joong [Jo Bo Ah] as the researcher. As they worked on the case, they found pieces of evidence how the missing people became a target of LJS. These people were all connected to a woman he was trying to find. Kang Soon Yeong was a woman who sold her body, according to her neighbors to protect her son. They said that she abandoned the child. Now I got the feeling that LJS is the son and he was adopted by the parent's he killed. Am I on the right track?

But following the hints and too late to save the victims from where they were hidden by LJS, they found out that Kang Soon Yeong is already dead. LJS tortured the victims by attaching fluids all over the body, leaving them in a state of coma or paralyzed in a time frame until they should be found out or rescued. But of course, all victims were too late to rescue. One, though, a priest was found kneeling inside a room with a rope around his neck. Gil Soo Hyun took notice of the chaos inside the house and deducted that LJS got angry while being there and made all the mess. But the woman/detective who confirmed the death of the priest claimed that the priest was not murdered but he took his own life.

The case was closed, so it seemed to Gil Soo Hyun. But when he visited Lee Joong So, his decision to quit was halted. Lee Joong Soo just revealed a drawing of a girl, his sister, in the same state of having all kinds of fluids attached to her body while sitting on a chair. The case is not over. Lee Joong Soo demanded that Gil Soo Hyun find the murderer of the woman Kang Soon Yeon.

A new mind game has started. New clues will be revealed. 

For the first episode I will say that it is not enough, but I have to wait another week for the next installment.



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