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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

[mslee's thoughts] The Greatest Marriage Episode 6 Screen caps Review

Random Short Recap

At the book launch, Jo Eun Cha threatened Cha Gi Young with the copy of phone conversation she had with the father of her child who is none other than Park Tae Yeon who was sitting just besides her. She was shocked to see those highlighted conversations and how Eun Cha was able to get it. There was no way around it but to surrender to her ill fate. She announced at the press present there that she will be leaving her spot at as the news anchor because of the baby and fled the scene amidst the media hounding her. Eun Cha was left there, triumphant from the success of his plan and told the media he is just as surprised as them of her announcement.

Eun Cha uses his victory to claim his spot as the former [sunbae] news anchor as he introduced the replacement of Gi Young to the President. He was so confident that everything will be fine after he finally threw out Gi Young but his actions rebounded. The next day, he was so happy arriving at the station so early to be greeted by disappointments and a little bit of scolding from the director about the low ratings they got. Even Gi Young when she was a newbie did not even recorded that kind of ratings, a 5%. The director wondered if they had replaced Gi Young too early but Eun Cha was determined to show them that he was right and that he can make the ratings go high up again.

The arrogance of the team who were just so jubilant the day before while Gi Young was retrieving her things from the office, taunting and mocking her was soon replaced by Eun Cha's angry tirade about the tyoe of news they should report to reverse the ratings. He was so loud and angry as he told the team to do their job.

While all of these were happening, Hyun Myung Yi was also determined to get Tae Yeon. because he was pissed at Gi Young he wanted to show her that he moved on and dragged Myung Yi out during the presscon, told her they would start dating and proceeded to do some shopping. I wonder if Myung Yi is the gold digger/opportunist she like Tae Yeon to see her as or was she pretending? At the apartment, Tae Yeon's mind was still elsewhere so he decided to make love to Myung Yi. To forget? Maybe. Possibly. 

But I don't think he found satisfaction after for he did not even take her home but call for a cab and gave her cab fair which should be insulting for Myung Yi, but after staring at him, she took it just the same. She plans on getting as much as she can from him. This is what she told her friend who she shared an apartment. 

Gi Young was having a hard time dealing with the reality of her situation. Pregnant and demoted as news anchor. She was not jobless after all but the company offered, or Eun Cha suggested that she be on the review team. She does not want to but it was better than no job at all. The company also banned her from appearing in any TV shows. So her activities for the book promotions was currently on hold to the editor's dismay.

The surprising atmosphere at the company is that almost everyone is saying nasty things about her. No one seemed to like her. Not at the news department and clearly not at the new office where she is supposed to have transferred, the review team. They did not give her a warm welcome but they gave her cold treatment. No one likes to talk to her. She was stationed at the inner office all by herself. I wonder how she got the reputation? It could not have been just because she is pregnant with no husband? Being promiscuous is one thing, but I think some would still understand her and be on her side. But to be abandoned, to be gossiped about, to be the center of unforgiving remarks by colleagues in the company is too much to take in. She cried that night for her misfortune but not blaming her child, 815.

The news team scouted for a controversial news item about a young girl who claimed she killed someone. Eun Cha is very excited about it because he knew it would be a big news. But the reporter was anxious about it asking if the review team should look for it and approve. Eun Cha with his arrogance decided for himself that the news need not be approved and just blur the eyes of the girl and it would be fine.

That night, almost too late, Gi Young received a call about that news to be reviewed. Luckily she made it to the review room but when she saw the video, she knew right then that it would be a risk to show the video. She run towards the studio, waited for a short break to stop Eun Cha from reporting it telling why it must not be aired. The school name was not edited out and the girl with only a blur in her eyes can be easily tracked down and soon she will be hounded by people and other news repoters. The girl's life will be totally invaded and perhaps ruined. Gi Young has a sense of judgment and a right call to know that this is going to be a disastrous one for the station. But of course, Eun Cha never thinks. He only wants to prove something, that he is good and he is right.

He told the crew to drag her out. Myung Yi, went after her and saw Tae Yeon helping Gi Young on he feet. She tried to detain Tae Yeon but he went along with Gi Young supporting her. Myung Yi must have been so jealous she blurted out that she is pregnant! Another scheme? 

Some thoughts...

Best part of the episode was when Gi Young cried alone while taking a shower and while eating alone. I feel so sad and helpless for her. Even if what she decided was selfish [because some might argue about this] or that she had miscalculated her decisions, which I don't think so because I fully support her on being pregnant even without a husband, still, people are too judgmental towards her. If she has the reputation as an arrogant news caster, that is another thing but somehow, fellow women should understand her and what she has been going through, if only for that. 

This is a man's world, as many has already said. Being a successful woman in the center of it is something not easily achieved. I think she has the right to act cold and perfectionist when she was an anchor because everything is at stake when she relay news. Her reputation is not only about herself but about the company where she works for, so I can not understand the treatment she is now getting from her colleagues even in different department. For me, it was so nasty and a manifestation of envy towards her achievement now gone sour, to their amusement.

While I do not expect anything better from Eun Cha because he is what he is. A douche bag! But Gi Young's omma...I simply can not understand her. She has the right to be extremely disappointed with her and her choices, but I think when most people are turning their backs on her, and she saw that Gi Young was forced to step down from the news, she should have not abandoned her right there and then. To voice out loudly in a cafeteria what you think of your daughter and how you want to treat her from now on was too much, definitely cruel coming from a mother. She hurt Gi Young most of all. The drama became too makjang, all reasons went flying to the window that very moment at the cafeteria.

I believe, that scene was too harsh. A mother can be angry with a daughter, can even abandon her if she wants to but not in a public place where Gi Young would certainly be humiliated. Ah, chincha! I was too perplexed watching that awful scene between mother and daughter.

I really am not shipping Gi Young and Tae Yeon because I am not liking any chemistry she had with him, which is actually lacking.  I much prefer Tae Yeon to have a hard time with Myung Yi because I think both will benefit from their association by realizing some important things in life. Money is not the answer to all things and that love can not be bought. Their difference in lifestyles are also going to be a good learning experience for both, with Myung Yi not the typical and easy kind of woman. Behind her scheming, I see a girl who is envious of everything and most of all lacks love and appreciation. It would be fun to discover how she will change...or probably not.

Well, I must say, I dread the preview of next week's episode because I saw Gi Young and Tae Yeon are once again together. I hope it is not about planning on getting back again. Then there was the announcement by Eun Cha that he is the father of the baby! Now, this is going to be news headline! I want to see Eun Cha getting bitten by his own motives and his plans against Gi Young. I want to see him growing up from his childish acts. 

Will there be a time for that in the future...writernim?


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