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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] She Was Pretty Episode 2 Screen caps Highlights

Talk about FATE!
Guess they are destined to be within one company and one department! Even if Hye Jin tries hard to avoid Sung Joon, it seems that elements surrounding their existence are moving naturally to make them fulfill their destiny.

But what a cruel fate that is, if I may put my own personal view. Sung Joon has become one of those shallow person that only see the surface and not beyond a person's physical traits. This is why I can't still find myself fully enjoying the drama because it pisses me off to see the heroin continue to make a fool of herself in front of Sung Joon who is clueless of her real identity. It is so pathetic that everytime they are in the same room, she messes her work, making her pityful in front of her co workers, and she just accepts all those hurtful words thrown at her. I know she should have been prepared, mentally and emotionally, she should have drawn out her inner skills and knowledge but I guess in the face of a challenging task [for her] add with the presence of Sung Joon, all reasons fly out of her head leaving her looking stupid. And I cringe at these scenes because it is like crushing my heart to her crushed without any help.

Sung Joon is the new editor in chief of the magazine and he has to find a way to make the sales productive or else the company will be closed down. 

It is the secret he carries with him and only the classy ahjumma [familiar character of course from Secret] Kim Ra Ra knows the truth. 

Hye Jin continues to avoid seeing Sung Joon in her fright to be caught because of her name. But of course, Ma Ri has assured her that her name is not unique and many have it, too. Besides, Sung Joon thought Hye Jin [Ma Ri] is already in England. Still, it never lessen Hye Jin's nervousness whenever Sung Joon is near. As she avoids him, it only led for him and her to be trapped in an elevator. It was a scene that somehow made me smile and sigh at the same time. She almost passed out from tension.

I do hope the writernim will tone down her over reactions on some scenes. Again, not a fan of exaggeration, sorry. But through all these ordeal, Hye Jin managed to make it each day even if her self esteem has dropped on the floor from cruel and harsh words from Sung Joon. 

One scene that really made me feel her humiliation was when she was yelled at by Sung Joon when she did not take off her shoes which stained the floor where models are being prepared for a photo shoot. It was too much to see her with a hole on her sock and seen by Sung Joon. If I were her, I would have prayed to be swallowed by the floor and not come back alive. That scene was a shame.

That's why I find Shin Hyuk more likable as of now. He teases Hye Jin. He is intrigued by her crazy antics. He is amused everytime he sees her. And these actions are somehow heartwarming despite his naughtiness towards her because lacking physical beauty seems not an issue for him. I really think he finds Hye Jin cute that's why he continues to piss her off or make her the target of his attention. of course, Hye Jin has not yet noticed that aside from always picking on her, he is not really picking on her look but rather entertained by her fashion sense.

Ha Ri has her own problems. Her father has another wife. Coming form a broken family, she feels an outcast. I think that's why her friendship with Hye Jin works because she found true love and care from a friend. I hope Ha Ri will never change. 

The highlight of the episode was when Sung Joon found out that Ha Ri aka Hye Jin is in Korea, working in the Hotel and not in England anymore. Will the secret be found out that she is not Hye Jin?

Complication is starting...


some more screen caps

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