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Thursday, August 28, 2014

[mslee's thoughts] Fated To Love You Episode 17 Screen caps Review - Unveiling The Truth Gun Kept From Mi Young

And I thought I won't feel  affected anymore in the remaining series of this drama! I was wrong! Writernim has brought another set [and they are lots] of emotional scenes in this episode. This post is sure gonna be random. :)

The hanging ending from the previous episode last week was Mi Young seeing Gun in her studio with the portrait of Gae Ddong, definitely crowding her private space. She eyed the portrait he carried and of course the whole text conversation with the one who she thought was a friendly unnie is Gun all along. Is this some kind of a joke for her? He lied, and it seemed that the he made fun of her.

I thought truth will now be in the open for Gun to explain everything. But he let her attack him with her pains, mistaking his actions as mockery. Yes, Mi Young has a right to be mad at him. But I hoped Gun would explain, would see his sincerity about the whole thing. I thought it was the right time to settle everything between them. But no, Gun chose to be the ass**** again, just to protect his feelings. Ah!!! I can feel my eyes tearing for Gun especially. He is acting what Mi Young expected him to do. He let her misunderstand everything. Their interaction affected Mi Young so much after Gun left.

The scene between the two left them both emotionally spent as they go their separate ways. The next day she decided to leave for Paris ahead of schedule. Even Daniel was surprised at her decision. He saw Gun the night before in the staircase at her studio. 

The episode also show Gun telling Se Ra to stop her feelings for him. They can't go on like they used to even as friends. Gun is slowly tying loose ends. I did wonder why he stayed cold towards Mi Young even when she showed up at his office after finding the letter he inserted in the portrait of Gae Ddong, which was intended for her to read not knowing he was that unnie. 

Gun took care not to lower his guard before Mi Young. She was a bit confuse of his true feelings for her. She tested him, asking him the questions she needed answers, like if what he texted her before were true or lies. Gun kept to his side of the story, letting her believed it was all lies. Mi Young noticed he was acting nervous in front of her, maybe she really wants to  rile him up to get his emotions but he just told her to leave.

That scene inside his office was so frustrating and at the same time filled with so much tension. Any minute, Gun could have let go of his control if she stayed a bit more. The lawyer who  wrote his will was at his office even before Mi Young showed up. They talked about the will, adding another provision for Mi Young. The recorded voice of Gun was being played and towards the end of the message, he told never to let Mi Young know the truth about him and his illness and about the execution of the will when the time comes. I think if ever it is executed, she must not find out that it all came from him.

At the lobby, the lawyer waited for Mi Young. Before he suggested to Gun to just come clean to Mi Young but he refused. I think he was uncomfortable with the situation when he can do something about it to help the couple concerned, because at this point, Gun seemed to be at the end of his emotional burden.

The lawyer talked to Mi Young. He wanted to give her the recorder but hesitated. In the end as the camera focused on her opened bag, it seemed the only way for the lawyer to slip in the recorded voice of Gun for her to uncover.

There was also a scene when Mi Young was eating at the restaurant of her mom's because she will leave the next day when Gun suddenly appeared. He was surprised just as she was. But then Mi Young told her mom to cook for the customer. Though they were like strangers, they ate in different tables but in the end Mi Young voiced out again that he should listen when she asked him no to visit her mother again. That moment, Gun acted serious and cold, resigning to the idea that it was time to end relationships with the mother. He bid   her telling take care twice.

Another scene in the episode that brought a bit of light to Mi Young was Se Ra, seeing her and talking about the drawn divorce document she gave Mi Young three years ago. She came clean about it saying it was her who wrote it and not Gun. Then there was an event for women at the Jang In Chemicals where Mi Young is the guest. While being interviewed Gun passed by at the upper part of the building, seeing her down at her seat. She also noticed him and she looked at him as she answered the interviewer about a certain unnie where she got her inspiration while doing the project she just did. She told them that she appreciate the advise she got. Gun left.

The next day while packing she saw the voice recorder inside her handbag. Playing it she learned the truth. Daniel also heard part of it but well, he already knew because he also met Se Ra and learned that there is nothing going on with her and Gun. He also discovered about the disease of the family that Gun acquired three years ago. I thought Gun is free of the disease. But the story showed that it could be progressing or that anytime it will really get him.

Instead of heading to the airport, Daniel unselfishly let go of Mi Young and took her at Jang's residence. He told her to surprised Gun so he won't be able to avoid her. She was welcomed with gladness by the grandmother who have always liked her and loved her as the grand daughter-in-law. She asked if she could wait inside Gun's room.

This is the moment the writer unveiled all Gun's secret to Mi Young. A discovery that will put tears not only on Mi Young but most likely to all the viewers who felt the sufferings of Gun all these years.How he let Mi Young go to protect her from seeing him  loose his memory and deteriorating from the disease his family has through generations. There she found all the things they bought for Gae Ddong. She found a video where Gun was recording about himself in case the time will come he won't remember anymore. He told about her, the woman he loved and still love. He was crying at the second video, and I think it was recorded the night he came from the restaurant of her mother, his last meal there.

The way Mi Young cried finding out the truth was like tearing everything inside her. That what she suffered was just as much as he suffered and all because he does not want her to see him when his memory will finally be erased.

At that time, reporters milled at the Jang In Chemicals building awaiting Gun's official statement about his disease which leaked to the press. I think when he visited his mom and dad and also put Gae Ddong's small portrait beside their photos, Gun is already anticipating this moment. Maybe Gun prepared all this to finish all the necessary details concerning the company. He is doing this now because he thought Mi Young already left. Or that his time is running out and any minute he will collapse and his illness will take over him..

Three more episodes and I know this love story will bring enough romance and tears yet. But I am loving the story and their journey at finding their love. Looking forward also to more funny and comedic scenes before the drama ends.Tonight will surely be exciting because Mi Young will do something about her discovery. But wait for tomorrow's sub, I will.

Mianhae for random thoughts. 


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