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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

[mslee's thoughts] Hotel King After Effects - Crazy Over ChaMo Couple!

I should not start shipping, I know! It's crazy, and I have experienced the ups and downs of shipping. I know frustrations and waiting endlessly and couple things sighted  are enough to pacify the shipping heart in me. Time passes by, my heart will still remain loyal to my OTPs but that's it. Until now there has not been any confirmation.

Then here comes Hotel King! The recent drama that ended via MBC on weekends. I was not fortunate enough to watch it while it was airing. Just like what I wrote here my interest in the drama was aroused because of my sister's nightly habit of watching My Girl on local cable channel. 

The moment I marathon the drama, I was absorbed completely in the story. From the first episode, I could sense the intensity of the chemistry between Cha Jae Wan and Ah Mo Ne. Should I tell how I anticipated every scene with them together? Must I share how I felt the burning electricity of the moments they shared? Ah! Seriously! Both made the story unforgettable with their epic romance.

Yes, it is Lee Dong Wook and Lee Da Hae. The characters they played made me insane by watching repeatedly almost every episode, scanning, fast forwarding the buttons just to fill my eyes with their charismatic portrayal of their characters. It is not only about Cha Jae Wan and Ah Mo Ne, but as the real actors themselves. They have this good and beautiful vibe they exude which makes them look more real as a couple than the characters they played. There are some BTS and fanmade MV's which I searched and downloaded for my own collection, which really means, "mslee, you are in deep trouble, this is a sign that you are shipping again!".

Ottoke? My heart jolts seeing them acting so natural and comfortably with each other. And it is not one-sided but mutual affection they have. I can buy deep friendship, but holly cow, lots of skinship even if the camera is not rolling is a bit questionable for me. I have a couple of childhood male friends, and we literally grew up as neighbors and we played during childhood days and school days and remain close until now. I can be comfortable with their arms around my shoulders but that's the limit when it comes to physical show of affection between us. 

I have seen a lot of OTPs from other drama as well and their behind the scenes and nowhere their off cam affection. camaraderie and even skinship can come close to what LDW and LDH have for each other. Most of the times, they drew a barrier, a polite distance especially if they are in the same bracket of age like this two, mature and grown up man and woman. And oh, boy, both are just so in sync with their actions, eyes, smiles, hands and the way they stand or sit so close side by side.

In my madness [yes, I admit] I even take out the scenes from RM where LDH and Hotel King wrap up party was included. Just sorry that YT blocked it worldwide [scratching my head why? when almost all the MV's can be viewed..ah chincha YT!] so decided to upload instead via my FB page account

I don't know how many times I watched the clip I can memorize each scene already! Lol!

Back to the drama, I have my personal favorites among the many favorite scenes. Wait, I love all the scenes and the entire drama, but then these scenes stood out for me and became memorable because it was the start of their romance, the confession and acknowledging of their mutual feelings. When Mo Ne told him "saranghae" I think it was not only Jae Wan's heart that squeezed tightly and painfully that moment but my heart also felt the raw emotions. I think that scene will forever hold the "classic scene" for me. One of the best and unforgettable moments in k-dramaland. It is epic although sad and painful. For me, it was perfect. Lee Dong Wook has given the best raw emotion the scene called for, while LDH had confessed in a very heart wrenching and absolutely true feelings of love.

Then of course my second top favorite is the counterpart of that scene, where Cha Jae Wan cried at how he will die if he could not love her. 

Again, LDW nailed the scene. It was how he delivered every minute detail of that emotional scene. With LDH, he has exposed what it was like not to love/have the person your whole being cries for. The role Cha Jae Wan became a vulnerable person for the first time and LDW gave it his best performance. Any viewer should have felt what both characters were going through in that scene.

For my third top favorite, well the acceptance of their mutual love for each other. I was not only watching Cha Jae Wan and Ah Mo Ne through the screens but seeing LDW and LDH as they put to actions their feelings. What I find interesting, they both took the characters and made them alive but at the same time, as LDW and LDH, they also connected beautifully to the romantic love story of Hotel King. Sometimes, the characters alone are the ones alive and unforgettable, but in this case, even they made it more interesting.

Add to this craziness of mine are the countless kisses and hugs and any kind of skinships this drama has offered. Either on camera or off camera, these pair is simply showing and not afraid to show how they are towards each other. There are more scenes and BTS that are worth mentioning but  hey, I have them all secured now, downloaded in my laptop in case some got deleted on line which are sometimes the case in YT.

The last interview during the last filming day was another revelation of how LDW liked to tease LDH about the kiss and how they should do it there, too. I think this kind of jokes from him can offend if delivered by another half of the OTP in a drama and I think no one would dare do it or voice it in front of a camera. And I don't think he would even dare try a joke like that with other partner in a drama. So basically, I am concluding that he has license to tease her about it knowing she won't be offended because maybe behind those teasing lines and actions, there is already truth about it and about them. He is like a boyfriend gone naughty trying to provoke girlfriend to make a slip of the tongue about them. 

Yah! This is so cute!

[caps credit to the real owner via soompi thread]

I am not sure where this shipping heart of mine will go? I am not sure if I will see the end of it, happily ever after. mslee is once again boarding on a ship sailing without distinct destination. I can be a fool for following again another couple. But how will I stop this craving for more of the characters and the actors themselves?How can I move on from the drama that stays in my head almost 24 hours a day? How can I resist not reading anything about them? How can I not watch again favorite episodes of Hotel King? How can I not wish LDH come to visit at least once in RM?

Ah...Hotel King made me totally nuts! Crazy in love with ChaMo or DongHae couple! For now, I have to share this with you, my visitors, here in my blog because it is too much to contain just inside my heart. 

For my next drama, I am going to finally watch My Girl. Yes, it all started there and maybe I am too late to gush, grin and giggle but gwenchana... I can endure smiling alone even if family members may conclude I am really loosing it! hahahaha!!!!

Hopefully, I will be cured of this disease! Because if not, I don't know what will I do, now that I am having trouble watching other dramas currently airing and feeling I must put them aside because I am having another attack of all things Hotel King/ChaMo/LDW-LDH moments.:))

Maybe this will be my first and last post about this couple. But will surely scout for more news around the net.

okay this is mslee1107 's shipping heart mode: ON

LDW/LDH for Real!


  1. OMG I FEEL/THINK THE SAME WAY.Until now, this 2016 I still wanna watch HOTEL KING. Im still not over or I couldnt get over. I love them much!Im so desperate to see them together and I really want them to marry each other. They will always be my ultimate OTP. <3

  2. Same here! What will I do? I just caught the disease. Now, Im gushing about this drama that was aired 2 years ago. I couldnt seem to move on! Im desperately waiting for some good news for this beautiful couple. I love them both. Hoping for another collaboration and hopefully by then, they would be sharing something special to us.