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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Roommate Episode 17 Screen caps - Giving Up is Not in Ga Yeon's Vocabulary and It Paid Off

Roommate Episode 17

The episode mostly is about Ga Yeon's MMA debut.

The episode is not boring as I thought it would be, realizing that the episode focused solely on Ga Yeon and her fight together with her team and coach. Surprisingly, it is heartwarming and nerve wracking at the same time. Her dedication to her craft is seriously awesome. How Lee Dong Wook, Jo Se Ho, NaNa, So Hyun, Min Woo and Mama Shin reacted to watching her at the cage, almost all were tearing and feel nervous for her. Yes, this show is all about house share and through the times they came together in the house and become like family, they treated Ga Yeon as their maknae [youngest] in the group. She may be the tough fighter inside the ring but inside the house, she is only one of the sweet girls in the group.

Truly, the fight was awesome. I never really expected that she would win against a much more veteran opponent from Japan, but the episode kept on replaying the scenes where Ga Yeon opened up a part of her past with Se Ho and Dong Wook during their rest after reaching the mountains at Jeju island. A place where her father used to hike with her. A father / daughter relationship that left her a lot of meaningful advise. She said that she won't be like her father, who was once a good fighter but along the way, gave up. Giving up is not on her vocabulary.

With this, her tenacity, hard work and dedication plus the will to win paid off. She won her first knock out on her debut fight.

Chukahae Ga Yeon! I was also feeling the lumps in my throat and can fully understand the feelings Dong Wook and Se Ho kept saying while watching. They kept wiping the tears that suddenly flows down. 
Love also that the boxer they visited in Japan, [mainhae..forgot the name] the one who was a champion himself and showed his belt to Ga Yeon flew in to Korea just to see her fight. Encouraging her spirits more and giving support.

Ah, there were funny scenes like when the group prepared a dance, mostly swaying with hands as they lined up and walked dancing around the living room. Dong Wook was so cute, adorable and funny in that scene. , He could not stop dancing and really, like a child so happy with the easy steps.

They cooked a sumptuous meal for Ga Yeon to give her strength for next day's fight. Even Nana and Min Woo's brownie in a rice cooker was deliciously prepared. While Kang Jun cooked a octopus soup. The table was a bit solemn, maybe because the group felt the tension of the following day's fight. But they can only give their encouragement to their dongsaeng. Love how Dong Wook showed his support. He asked for a hug, which of course Ga Yeon answered with a playful jab but Dong Wook insisted for a real oppa hug.

I think because Dong Wook make them feel as if he is one of the hyung/oppa in the group besides Mama Shin and he wants them to feel that they are family.

I am liking all the cast even if two already left the program. Still, I am enjoying each episode. Hopefully, more of Dong Wook until his schedule for Iron Man becomes hectic. I am also liking NaNa. I like her friendship with Se Ho and I think Se Ho is just like that. Soon the other two, Min Woo and Kang Jun will be busy with their new dramas. So Hyun will be left mostly with Mama Shin.

I was about to write only about Lee Dong Wook and his part of the episode but ended up writing my thoughts as a whole.

enjoy the screen caps [more on LDW..:))

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