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Thursday, April 23, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] Falling For Innocence Episode 5 Review



Dong Wook's dream house for Soon Jung is now Min Ho's house. It is not coincidence but something made Min Ho, unconsciously, bought the house and live in it. But of course, no one at least him knew the effect of his actions to Soon Jung who found the house now occupied by her boss. She was dumbfounded by this event. All small events seemed to have anything to do now with Min Ho which reminded her of Dong Wook. She felt confused enough to asked to Min Ho rather rudely who he was?

She was there because the shop owner who made the ring told her it was picked up by her friend. No one knew about the ring, even she who was the fiance'. Then she would find out that Min Ho lives in this dream house that Dong Wook planned on buying once they saved money for it. Those plans are now gone.

Min Ho who was clueless told her that he bought the house, got her ring, because he also went to the same shop and found the brochure with the same logo on her table. Soon Jung asked for the ring and walked away.

Following morning, Min Ho helped Soon Jung explain to the Chairman that she did not betray him and the company. She was given another chance. Min Ho asked her to come to the hospital with him for a check up. That was only an excuse on his part. He really wanted her to have a check up due to the hard slap she got from his uncle the day before.

Board of directors met with Chairman Kang. They were looking for a department store that will partner with Hermia. Crown company contacted them and when they asked for appointment, Kang Min Ho happend to be the representative of Crown being the largest investor of the said company. It was like Hermia is getting fooled or being toyed in the palm of Min Ho. Min Ho is not backing up from his plans. He is pushing for the middle factory branch to be sold.  Unless he got what they invested in Hermia which is quite impossible for now.

Lee Joon Hee is now subtly making small moves towards Soon Jung. He takes her home whenever he is free. Soon Jung feels grateful for the friendship. It was all for her. While Min Ho is doing extra effort to get Soon Jung's attention, even wanting to buy her a bag but Soon Jung easily caught up with his intentions and asked him not to give her anything. All these new events happening to Min Ho makes him confuse. His habits changed but he is still unconscious of them. Soon Jung noticed them but decided not to give them further thoughts.

The case surrounding Dong Wook's death are going to be revealed. The Pride which hit Dong Wook was narrow downed to only three and one was the man who worked at Hermia factory that Na Ok Hyun already visited.  Unfortunately, the man ran away when the team surrounded him and got hit instead by a truck. Before he got into accident, Na Ok Hyun heard the man say about only being a lackey and that there is someone above him that ordered him to do the damage like spreading rumor in the Hermia product.

Meanwhile, Min Ho wants to invite Soon Jung and the other two secretaries in his home. He decided to have a housewarming party. Soon Jung did not come but instead went to see Joon Hee who got a cold and brought him medicine. It was an excuse she needed to avoid going to Min Ho's house. Min Ho went to see her only to see her arriving with Joon Hee. When Soon Jung left them, Joon Hee told him that he likes Soon Jung. It was like a warning. 

Chairman Kang used the media to stop Min Ho pressuring them a bout selling the factory. Now it will be people's opinion that will matter against Min Ho and Gold Partners. The factory workers came to the company for a dialogue with media covering the meeting. Min Ho and Han Ji Hyun arrived to the meeting. Min Ho told them abruptly that he will not change his mind about selling the factory even though Joon Hee pacifies the workers. 

The unexpected happened when Min Ho was faced with Dong Wook's father. Suddenly he felt dizzy, then he collapsed. He was rushed to the hospital. He was unconscious for a while. the doctors never thought that he will be this way because he had a check up recently and all seems well.

Min Ho never realized yet that it was because of his heart. The cellular memory theory although not really proven might be the cause of his reactions to anything in connection with Dong Wook. Soo Jung stayed outside his room waiting to see the doctor. She was assured that he is okay.

Min Ho woke up and got up from the bed in a daze. He is still groggy but he went outside the room. There he saw Soon Jung. She went to him, alarmed and worried for him. He touched her face, which confused her and startled her at the same time yet she never made a move to step back. He asked her not to leave him and then embraced her.

Joon Hee who was walking at the corridor saw them. His fears came back. He let go of Soon Jung once for Dong Wook and now it seemed that history might repeat itself. But he promised never to be one step behind anymore.

The love triangle will now start.

It's interesting how eveything about Soon Jung makes Min Ho confuse and feels strange but will he ever realize that his heart came from Dong Wook? Will he get confused about his real feelings? Then there is the matter of the company which he promised to destroy. Will he have a change of heart taking into consideration the father of Dong Wook who will surely be a reason to make him waver about his decisions?

The true culprit behind Dong Wook's hit and run accident, will the identity be revealed? Is Joon Hee the one who stepped on the gas of the car? As for now, there is not an ounce of guilt or anything that can be read on his face.

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