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Monday, June 2, 2014

EDITED - [mslee's thoughts] Angel Eyes - Highlights of Episode 15 and 16 + Review

I should have put my thoughts immediately after watching episode 15 live Saturday night. Even though there was no sub, I could understand the flow of the story and each character's pains. But still I waited and put aside my thoughts until I watched with sub. Then last night the episode was more amazing as the pieces in the puzzle of the  hit and run accident was revealed and who the mystery driver of the imported car belonging to the Kang family was. As expected by many followers of the drama, their hunch were spot on!

I decide to gather my thoughts for this week's episodes. First, I will share the highlights of the episodes then my thoughts.

Episode 15

1. Soo Wan discovered what Dr. Jae Beom did to Jung Hwa. She was sat first in denial, walking in a blank state at the streets. The impact of the truth was so hard to accept.
2. After telling her father she hates him and will not forgive him she walked out of the house.
3. Jae Beom collapsed. His heart is blocked and he had a stroke.
4. Dong Joo found him and brought him to the hospital He really needed an immediate operation. No doctors around t perform but him. 
5. Min Soo found the exact car now painted white at the junk lot. The owner now was fidgety after being found out of lying and talked to her.
6. Ji Woon found out from Dong Joo that his mother was a hit and run victim 12 years ago. Something that made Ji Woon suspicious.
7.Soo Wan was still nowhere to be found. She was by herself, crying, blaming herself for all the things that happened. She decided to make Dong Joo leave her. She can't accept him now knowing she has Jung Hwa in her. Dong Joo would not be able to forget the painful past that binds them.
8. Jae Beom hasn't woke up yet, still unconscious after the operation.

Episode 16

[these are the highlights of the episode as I watched live]

1. Inside the church where Dong Joo dragged Soo wan, she gave him back his ring, Jung Hwa's ring.
2. The detective who is recuperating at the hospital saw the police Chief and Oh Young Ji talking.
3.Jae Beom opened his eyes but he still, he is like in a coma state. he is not yet moving or showing signs that he is aware of his surroundings or the people by his side.
4.Soo Wan stayed by her father, not leaving him. 
5.Dong Joo is devastated by the break up.
6.Soo Wan met up with Hye Joo and gave back the necklace.
7.Dong Joo and Soo Wan met again but she is firm in her decision.
8.Flashback: Ji Woon and Oh Young Ji at the hospital 12 years ago. 
9.He saw someone else in the visited by his mother, supposedly the hit and run victim.
10. Revelation: Ji Woon drove the car and hit Jung Hwa.
11.was he lied to by his own mother?
12.Dong Joo and Hye Joo decided to leave for US.
13.Dong Joo stopped  by Jae Beom's room and talked to him for the last time.
14. Jae Beom is conscious and heard Dong Joo. When Dong Joo walked out, he tried to call him back by raising his hand but failed. Dong Joo did know he is conscious. Jae Beom took off his mask....

a means to alert him he is fully awaken and in control of his mind? or to end his life because he lost Dong Joo for real?

My Thoughts

Actually, episode 15 is the hardest episode to watch for me. It reminded me of a painful memory of my own when my  father had a stroke and was in the ICU for ten days, unconscious and the last I saw him alive. All thoughts are gone except for the hope that he would recover and live. But he didn't.

Seeing Dr. Jae Beom in this state is really hard and as a daughter myself, I can totally understand how Soo Wan felt when she realized her father was in the hospital, in danger and possibly dying. Jae Beom may not recover from waking up, or if he did, he might just end up in vegetative condition.

These are the facts that happened around Jae Beom after hearing her daughter scream at him she hates him and will not forgive him ever. A heated and emotional moment that Soo Wan regretted ever uttering. Let's face it, Soo Wan  is undergoing emotional strain, from a painful discovery when she uttered those words. She is still is now lost, clearly, logic and reason won't have a place inside her turmoil mind. She is struggling.

Like I said before, a daughter can only hate so much up to a certain point. But in a child/parent relationship, hate is a fleeting emotion. No child would wish his/her parent to be in a life threatening situation, much more dead. When this happens, all sorry feelings will go away, leaving the child only regret that he/she may be the reason why this happens. Just like Soo Wan, she went back to the times she said those hurtful words to Jae Beom that led to his collapse. I think by this time, when she cried holding her father's hands, her love for him overshadowed his mistakes. She is after all a daughter who loves her father.

[edit to add]She love her father but she knew what he did was wrong and she is not happy that she could now see because of that mistake.

Why did she choose to let go of Dong Joo? As I said, she is in an emotional state right now. And this is reality. Actually, I applaud the writer for giving this episode that realism. This is not drama but real. Whatever Soo Wan is undergoing right now, she can't be blamed for choosing to remain by Jae Beom's side. even if Dong Joo is ready to accept him, it would not be enough to make the relationship go forward. She is right when she told Dong Joo that they can never be happy together with this painful memories surrounding them. They can forget them momentarily, but it will come up again in the future. She will always be in between Dong Joo and Jae Beom. Or Jae Beom will always be in between Dong Joo and Soo Wan.

[edit to add]I just wonder in episode 16 why the writer chose to make Dong Joo and Soo Wan still talk and blame Jae Beom when he is still in that condition. This is the only thing that makes the drama a bit questionable. I know and understand they needed to express their thoughts, still, the patient is in the process of recovering, just underwent a heart surgery, open heart surgery at that, and they are stressing the patient. They could have just took off the mask to make it short for him and stress free..well, just saying... there's a right time for  blaming him again]

Unless the real secret is revealed! Unless the real culprits come forward and confess to their mistakes. But for now, Soo Wan is blaming herself. She should not because she is the innocent party in all these mess, but she can not help it. She is too involved before and in the after math of Jung Hwa's accident. Like a domino effect, I think she wants to admit that her blindness led Jung Hwa to want to give her. her eyesight, that led to Dr. Jae Beom greedy to give her the donor's eyes, that led for her father to separate Dong Joo from her that led to burying the secret forever.

These thoughts should not be her fault, still, Soo Wan in a vulnerable form will always claim her share because she love these people.

[edit to add] Letting go means she loves Dong Joo unselfishly, wants him to be happy without her and the pain she will remind him of. It is easier for her to show him she was having a hard time because she knew he will let her go knowing that. She tried to be firm, it was the only way. 

When Dong Joo operated Jae Beom, I think that the story has somehow come full circle. Jae Beom tried his best to save Jung Hwa while struggling between what he should do in the operating table. Now, Dong Joo was in the same place, hating this man but he is the one performing the surgery. I don't think Dong Joo is not struggling inside. Of course he was. He hates this man. This man killed her mother. In the end, his choice was to save a patient.

The awaited mystery behind who drove the car was finally unveiled. It was Ji Woon. from 12 years ago, a flashback of him and Oh Young Ji in the hospital and him showing anxious was enough to suspect him and what he did wrong. but I think he was misled by Oh Young Ji. The hit and run victim he thought was not the one he saw in the hospital room. I think by that time, Oh Young Ji already knew because she killed Jung Hwa. She just did not want Ji Woon to be scared. A decision that is so wrong.

[edit to add]I was surprised at how Ji Woon could put the blame on his mother when HE WAS THE ONE WHO ACTUALLY DROVE OFF AFTER HITTING SOMEONE ON THE STREETS THAT NIGHT! He, driving off is just as good as killing Jung Hwa. He, appearing at the hospital anxious and asking his mother about the patient was a lame excuse. Maybe the guilt stayed that was why he had to look for that poor victim. He relied on his mother. He tried to ease his guilt by believing that the patient he saw was fine and only had a minor injury at the ankle. That time, he should have been suspicious because he knew how he hit the victim. The way he turned his head and looked back at lying Jung Hwa on the street was enough to give him at least the certainty if he hit her badly or not. Pointing out to Oh Young Ji what she had done was an easy way out of the mistake he had done. Although Oh Young Ji's actions of deceiving her son, looking out at the wrong patient, letting him believe all was fine was malicious and then injecting drugs to Jung Hwa was a deliberate action intent to kill.

I should hope for Ji Woon to come forward and admit his crime of running away from the scene and leaving Jung Hwa to die. 

The last part of episode 16 is a crucial one. Why did Jae Beom tried to take off his mask? Is he really trying to end his life? As a payment for what he did to Jung Hwa?

I think this is going to be in the hands of Dong Joo. he could save him again or he could be late. But seeing that he only took off the mask, I think there is less damage in there than what took place during Jung Hwa's death, She was injected that resulted to her cardiac arrest. the drug must have been so fatal to her recovering condition that even a CPR would not really revive her at all.

[edit to add] It will take a long  way to forgive Jae Beom in Dong Joo's perspective, unless Ji Woon and Oh Young Ji admitted to their sins. The only thing that made me positive that the degree of hate is lessen is the fact that Dong Joo asked Jae Beom how he looked at him as a son. I think this query is important because behind this line is his love for this man. Yes he was betrayed, but we know that there is only a thin line between hate  and love. Time will heal so long the truth be revealed.

I love how there is parallelism  in the story. Sorry for not really being exact on some of my thoughts because I write this even though I have not watched with sub episode 16. But I still hope that my thoughts are not so far from what the story told in episode 16.

I like to add about Hye Joo and Woon Chan relationship, I think from episode 14, she was clear in how she sees him, like a father when she bought a new aftershave for him. She is comfortable him because he is like a father who she longs to have. Woon Chan should never misunderstand the situation and I trust that he won't because he is a father.

For now these are my thoughts. Got a bit personal but just because the drama is compelling and connects to me.

Thanks for reading my edited post. Just finished episode 16 with sub so I just inserted some more thoughts. Italicized sentences were the ones inserted.:))

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  1. thank you. happy to see someone appreciate my thoughts.

  2. Could it be that when when Jae Beom took off his gas mask, he would be enlightened that taking it off wasn't enough to have caused the sudden deterioration in his patient's condition? That there was more to what happened which he himself was not culpable of...

  3. that was one of the mystery why as a doctor himself he did not able to determine what caused JH's cardiac arrest that time. he was alerted by that time that's why he ran off to the room, saw her in need of immediate attention. anyway, i hope it will still be cleared in the next episodes what really happened and what was JB's only participation in her death. Knowing JW was the driver of the hit and run..OYJ needs to confess what she had done.

    thanks for leaving a comment..:)