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Thursday, February 19, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] PUNCH Episode 18 Screen caps Review

When Greed Takes Over Any Logic...

How many times must Ha Gyung listen to Yoon Ji Sook and trust her? I knew Ji Sook has become much despicable compared to Lee Tae Joon [in my opinion] but I too believed her when she asked Ha Gyung to wait and spare her son. But then her words were empty. As soon as she saw Ha Gyung standing there, her greed to be exempted from paying her crime overrode her better judgement and what little honesty she has. She stepped on the gas and without even hesitating she ran over Ha Gyung. 

What are those tears for? If it was guilt, she would not do that. Tears because she wanted to justify her reasons for committing that crime. Still what she did was a crime. NO justification can be understand at the outcome of that moment. 

What's even worse, When Lee Ho Sung arrived at the scene, she made the excuse that they won't do any more sins after that. Both are willing to hide what happened to Ha Gyung. As a friend I find Ho Sung very much loathsome. I knew he already betrayed her and Jung Hwan but to turn from this kind of crime is too much. They are willing to sacrifice lives in order to achieve their so called "clean" office of the Prosecutors. Just how could it be clean when the route to realizing it is too dirty and abominable. I felt my insides turning and my nerves shaking at the audacity and hypocrisy of these two characters. Seriously, writernim has nailed this twist and got an unexpected scenario that viewers would feel so shocked.

The chip in Ha Gyung's hands was taken by Ji Sook mas she flee from the site. She drained it in the toilet bowl, making sure her military fraud scam will no longer appear to threaten her. And what really makes me want to pull her hair...[oh my, mslee is really mad at her] is that after running over Ha Gyung, she put the blame on Lee Tae Joon as if Lee Tae Joon ordered her to do it or that he was the one holding the steering wheel. She is a perfect example of someone pointing fingers for things that she herself made and chose if the consequences are bad. She is definitely not taking any responsibility over her actions. Come to think of it, she is not even a puppet.

Park Jung Hwan heard everything that happened to Ha Gyung. He was so agitated he was so frustrated with his situation as he fell on the floor from the bed as he tried to get to her.  The sad part, her heart is very much damaged and she is in a coma. Jung Hwan needed to be strong and with the last energy he has, got to fight for the truth if only for Ha Gyung. Yoon Ji Sook has nailed another one in his heart. She has been like a thorn for him since seven years ago. I never doubt how angry or enraged he must be towards her. He must make sure she ended up in prison with the crime she commit against Ha Gyung, never mind the military fraud. This is attempted murder. A heinous crime.

I can't exactly explain the bond he has with Tae Joon. They are enemies once the other betrayed the relationship. Tae Joon is not willing to take responsibility to his bribery and hiding the fact that his brother had killed someone. He wanted to stay in his seat and go upwards if necessary to fulfill his dreams. His past made him dream high. But then, even after their continuous dispute, their on going betrayal with regards to who should take the fault, still, their bond is not completely cut. I feel the depth of brotherhood despite being enemies. Maybe because Jung Hwan made Lee Tae Joon who he is today.

Jung Hwan needed someone like Tae Joon to make Yoon Ji Sook pay for her crime. He told her about the attempted murder she did to Ha Gyung. He will need evidence to prove that and Tae Joon will provide the assistance he needed by ordering forensic team to issue warrant to find even a drop of blood by Ha Gyung on her car. Of course, the car was already repaired and repainted but technically, blood can not be easily washed off. Yes, that's the power of blood and why many crimes are solved.

Lee Tae Joon began to be interested now that Ji Sook seems determined to make him leave his post. Ji Sook is doing all her power to "clean" the Prosecutors office and oust Tae Joon. There won't be any holding hands between them now that the chip is gone forever. Tae Joon no longer has any hold on her to blackmail her with. This is the right time to topple the Princess. His background and hers differs remarkably, and it makes him look inferior next to her no matter how he succeed.

While Ji Sook and Ho Sung tried to cover the crime, they also pushed through with Tae Joon's resigning. The media already knows that Tae Joon is facing interrogation and the Blue House has decided to let him face investigation.

The forensic had acquired the blood sample found on Ji Sook's car. She tried to hide her car but she was caught. Soon the media will know she was behind the car accident of Ha Gyung. Jung Hwan ordered Choi Yeon Jin to handle the case together with Ha Gyung's detective. They found something at the crime scene also.

But their efforts fell when Ho Sung thought of a good way to salvage Ji Sook's in place of her son. He told Ji Sook to let her son owned the crime in exchanged for what she did for him in the military case fraud. She cried and as a mother, I understood that she would not let his son pay for her crimes. But that's how deep her sense of motherhood extends. She let Ho Sung convinced her that it is for the betterment that she stay put of the crime to continue their quest on achieving their goal. Once again, their reasons were bull.

This is getting frustrating with only one episode to go. Up until this moment, Ji Sook and Ho Sung were able to shy away from being caught red handed.

Jung Hwan has only one request left for Tae Joon. To not let go of his seat until he comes back with a much solid evidence, just as he hanged on for 10 minutes seven years ago for him. This tune of events is really great. Tae Joon has reached his end and knows he can not evade his crimes any longer. But what's heart warming is that, what he owed to Jung Hwan, he is willing to pay for it now. The clock is ticking and many in the Prosecutors Office are clamoring for his resignation. he was even promised by Ji Sook that he will be able to get minimum sentenced or may live silently as he enjoys his years out of prison. But I think Tae Joon realized it is now or never. This is the time to get Ji Sook and stop her from acting innocent.

Jung Hwan was going to be detained in the hospital. He decided to play along and asked Ho Sung to drive him. At one point he asked for water, Hon Sung got out of the car and that's when Jung Hwan watched the black box which happened to record the incident clearly and showing that Ji Sook was the one who drove the car. He got the SD card intent on running away but again, his legs decided to hurt that moment. Ho Sung who was inside a convenience store looked at him.

This is going to be tough because Jung Hwan will have a hard time to recover once he suffered another shock. Ha Gyung still lies unconscious at the hospital, vital signs not really good.

Really satisfied with the highlights of this episode.


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