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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

[Highlights] BLOOD Episode 2 - Random GIF and Screen caps

Haven't watched episode 1 with subs so thoughts and reviews will be posted later. I will surely make screen caps and gif regularly for this drama.

Some highlights only

Yoo Ri Ta and Park Ji Sang had a bad start. It started in the lobby of the hospital when Ji Sang was standing there and here comes Yoo Ri Ta, as if someone's chasing her, and then BAM! She bumped into him, his dark eye shades fell on the floor, wrecked and she arrogantly turned her face but I think she never apologized. Oh no...that was not so impressive!

Bickering started between these two whenever they met. During one of the surgery, Yoo Ri Ta was the operating doctor when something bad happened. She was replaced by Ji Sang. Yes, it was again something to be annoyed.

Lee Jae Wook was a guest speaker in the hospital. When he saw Park Ji Sang something sparkled in his eyes, as if he found someone very interesting. He initiated the meeting but Ji Sang ignored his extending hand. I think as a vampire, Ji Sang smelled something fishy with this man.

The ending was a cliffhanger, At the surgery, Ji Sang went dizzy. Something went wrong inside him. His nails were getting longer, he was agitated and he knew, he might exposed himself as a vampire.

For now, this is what I understood but will write more.

gif/screen caps

by mslee1107

Ji Sang was sad watching his mom..

Vampires meet

Oh no...something went wrong!

screen caps