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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

BLOOD Episode 1 - Random GIF

Will share some random gif I made while watching live stream. 
But first let me say that Blood has a good start. Pilot episode is amazing. Nicely done visually.

Just very short recap...

Park Ji Sang was born a vampire. His parents were both vampires. Will have to watch with subs maybe by tomorrow to understand more of the drama. But from what I saw, Lee Jae Wook ordered for Ji Sang's father to be killed in front of him. His men were looking for the baby then, him. But his mother ran away from the house. Ji Sang and his mother lived in another place. Lee  Jae Wook's men found them and killed his mother, too.

Through the years Ji Sang worked as a doctor.

some gifs only for now


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