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Thursday, November 13, 2014

[mslee's thoughts] Birth Of Beauty - The Evil That Tempts

This is really a late post on Birth Of Beauty regarding episodes 3 and 4. But still, I will share just some thoughts on the development of the drama last weekend.

Han Tae Hee had spoken about birth of beauty pertaining to the innocence of ones soul upon birth which sadly turns into evil when faced with choices in later years. The innocence gone but replaced by temptations that resulted to evil deeds. 

Looking at the couple Lee Kang Joon and Gyo Chae Yeon, Tae Hee has his own thoughts about the wedding that will soon take place. I think from his perception, he has to rescue his friend Chae Yeon who he feels  more than platonic from an evil man who manipulated the wheels to kill his burdensome wife Geum Ran. But then, Tae Hee did not know that Chae Yeon was so blinded by her love for Kang Joon that she overlooked his crime and willing to keep it a secret, something to hold on for Kang Joon to not abandon her. Pathetic but evil won her over. Her choice becomes who she is.

Although the accident was not pre planned, but the choice Kang Joon made after his argument with his wife the night she found out his relationship with Chae Yeon and threatened him to expose it to media sparked a way for him to get rid of her. It turned out that he did plan in that short span of time in cold blood to do something bad. And that was to flash his lights so bright that she would be surprised and at the same time not be able to control the speed of her car which he planned to collide head on and swerve at the last second. When her car fell over the bridge into waters, he just looked on, satisfaction on his face and rode away. The evil that tempted him made him a murderer.

All these has been realized by Sara / Geum Ran when she was hypnotized. The car, the plate numbers were vague memories she remembered until she saw Kang Joon riding the same car. Then the transfer of titles from her name to his on a land that she owned, a will that was e-mailed containing her supposed suicide plan and how he treated her mother when he kicked her out of her place when he purchased the area. All his doings showed how cruel he turned out to be. Someone she could not recognized as the man she loved and married. Her illusion fell apart, breaking her inside and leaving her crying.

But she is not the only one who has a past and something to investigate to pursue the truth. Tae Hee has his own past that he buried inside because it was too painful to remember or that because his memory of his father told him not to look for  more if something happened to them. But all emotions that he kept inside is making his body feel the pain when ever he remembers and ignores. 

His past is very interesting. He is the only legitimate heir of a big company and his living relative is his grandmother who has been missing him all these times. Han Min Hyeok is a ruthless man. He is also a grandson in the family but there is vagueness yet about his personality and heritage. His mother always receives rebukes from Tae Hee's grandmother. I wonder how come they became a family to this grandmother. Time is running out especially when the grandmother published in the newspaper an ad about looking for her lost grandson. I have a hunch that Min Hyeok somehow planned something with Kang Joon. Because Min Hyeok told Kang Joon about making the most of his time with Chae Yeon because their plan will proceed as schedule.

Maybe, Tae Hee is right in thinking that Kang Joon may harm Chae Yeon but because Chae Yeon chose to be an accomplice to the secret murder of Geum Ran, Kang Joon had no other option but to marry her. My question now is, "Will he pretend to be the lost grandson?" Is that the conspiracy brewing between him and Min Hyeok?

Tae Hee has no recollection of his heritage, or where he came from. He is not aware that he is an heir to a big company. While he is clueless still, his partner in this drama Sara has finally uncover the truth behind her "death". 

The story has progressed from beauty define as perfect and pretty appearance, to beauty from within that changes from choices people make. Beauty is now good versus bad. Clearly, Tae Hee and Geum Ran / Sara are on the good side while Kang Joon and Chae Yeon with Min Hyeok are on the other side, the bad side.


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