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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

[mslee's thoughts] Misaeng - Thoughts on Episode 7 and 8

Among the four trainess, Young Yi and Baek Ki are the ones having a tough time dealing with their superiors. Young Yi has a chauvinistic boss that always harass her for her strong personality and work capability. While Baek Ki is still waiting to do more important workload than what he is always asked to do, typing and organizing files which he thinks is too simple for what he thinks he should be doing. Between Young Yi and Baek Ki, the latter is more impatient to do something big in his team, like proposing new ideas while Young Yi turned her eyes on old rejected proposal and working on it alone.

Why I feel pity towards Young Yi but I don't towards Baek Ki, is really something because it means that even if Baek Ki is capable, he is selfish and impatient which comes strong across the screen. Young Yi can not be called arrogant because at the end of the day, she ponders on her actions even asking either Geu Rae or Mr Oh about her decisions which somehow gives her enlightenment. Like when she heard that the Finance Head is easy to talk to, she went and asked her directly even if her team told her she should follow order. Although the woman in charge in Finance is very accommodating and helpful to her, she heard the same thing, that she should go through proper channels first and not directly to her office. But then she was asked to do a report about why the proposal was rejected because she thinks Young Yi can do the job. But in the end after talking to Geu Rae who was also pulling an all nighter, she realized the answer is simple. She can not make assumptions on why it was rejected because proposals are appreciated differently by those who read them.

Baek Ki is feeling annoyed and fed up of repeating his complete work which was rejected or questioned by his boss. The reason is that what was asked of him is not what he did but doing it his own way which showed how aggressive he is and selfish to act on his own. He did job interviews for other companies wanting to leave One International immediately. He thinks he knew already the works he was being asked of and his talent is not being useful. The tension in their team is growing each day.

I am liking Suk Yool for his comedic part in the drama. He is the "know-it-all" guy in the company. Nothing escapes his attention and ears. He is the source of information mostly beneficial and helpful to others like Mr. Oh. But he is the same young man who always has his eye for women and their curves. I laughed when he followed a woman who was walking sexily in front of him and when she turned, it was the Head of Finance, and her appearance comes short of his expectations. Like he was faced with a nightmare instead of a dream. lol!

Geu Rae has been learning each day in his team. He is being helpful with errands and doing reports. This is what makes Baek Ki anxious, knowing and seeing that even Geu Rae who he thinks is not on his league is making progress and useful to his team. Yes, Gei Rae is fortunate to have stayed under Mr. Oh's wings. Geu Rae is learning Mr. Oh's principles and techniques. Like when he found out how Mr. Oh was able to get the signature of the man who is the most fickle minded businessman and everyone is trying to avoid to make business with. Their plan to make him sign at round 1, not getting drunk failed. They all were drunk and the man happily went away with a woman in his arms. Seemed he got away again. But surprise, next day, they got a call, he signed the contract. Geu Rae was stunned and surprised as the Chief. He was left at their cubicle to organize the things on Mr. Oh table. That's when he saw Mr. Oh's hidden card. He planned it to win. He researched about the wife and he found out that the wife is the head of the company. Mr. Oh's hidden card played well when he invited the wife to the hotel room of the husband as a gift because that same day they met for round 1 was the same day of their anniversary. Really good tactic of Mr. Oh. Geu Rae upon reading the notes of Mr. Oh could not help but chuckle alone, as other teams on the next cubicle wondered what funny thing he was thinking.

This weeks two episodes continue to show the different characters of the story and how each of them deal with problems ahead of them. Baek Ki is not learning and accepting criticism, Young Yi has showed her capability and strong will to go forward and be rewarded for her good analysis, Suk Yool enjoys being the nosy one and being nice to everyone especially to Geu Rae, while Geu Rae is learning the ups and downs of working in the company. Geu Rae let his learned techniques in baduk guide him and sometimes compared them to how Mr. Oh is solving his task. Geu Rae is not only learning the work in the company but most of all he is learning about life.

But there is still the mystery of why the Director seems to be unfair to Mr. Oh. He always put him into an embarrassing situation and shows that he does not believe in his capabilities. When Mr. Oh worked on the steel proposal, he has a back up plan that would guarantee an approval. But then the other team who is also working on a different case wants approval but their Chief promised Mr. Oh he would back him up on his proposal. The sad part, another boss bribes the Chief and was backed in a corner. In the end, he told Mr. Oh that he will push through with the other teams proposal and his will have to wait. Team 3 was all sad at the turn of events. But the most humiliating part was when the Director who happened to pass the group saw the proposal at the floor and told the Chief not to let Mr. Oh do those kinds of transactions. He must be given something that suits him, which makes the statements degrading somehow. What's the deal between Mr. Oh and the Director?

The drama is unlike any other drama. It tells about reality in a working office. It keeps the viewers tuned in because the connection is there, in every character and  in every ups and downs.


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