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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Secret Episode 7 Screen caps and Short Recap

Just sharing my thoughts  for tonight's episode and short recap.

This is another good episode. Although live streaming can really test my patience, but just looking at the monitor and what's happening is enough to make me stay.

I can't be accurate, but based on my caps, the episode started with MH in the hospital with YJ. From last episode, he found her unconscious inside the shop he now owned. And I love the way he stayed and stared at her and even wiped gently her tears.

DH was talking back at his mother and seems mad. Next thing on the screen was YJ meeting MH and SY. I think it has something to do with the hospital bills. Maybe she wants to pay him. DH and SY continue their friendship. I got a feeling that both are comforting or using each other. 

The scene I have been waiting for, drunk MH getting touchy/close to YJ. He slept on her room/her place. When he woke up, seemed surprised, disoriented and walked out in a rush.

Then MH caught up with them and they three have a drink while SY prepared the food. A little intense talk between MH and DH.

Another scene I like are when YJ was talking with MH step mom and he dragged her away, to his step mom disbelief. Then at the door they met DH, MH holding her hands and not letting go. Instead he raised their hands and seems to mock DH.

DH talked with YJ. YJ saw her cellmate who had something to do with the loss of her child.

Then my screen lagged more.:))

Will write my thoughts after watching with subs.


for my thoughts about the episode:

some screen caps

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