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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

SECRET BTS Stills - Min Hyuk and Yoo Jung Getting Closer?

For two people who hate each other, or have reasons to be mad at each other, their world is just too small, fortunately for me as the viewer.:)) After what happened in their lives, how tangled it was, Min Hyuk has declared she should avoid him if possible because he doesn't want to see her. In Yoo Jung's case, she is sorry for what happened. 

Looking at these stills officially released, I am too happy to see that regardless of their feelings toward each other, the outside forces seem to be moving in one direction, and that is to make their paths cross all the time.

Min Hyuk looking tipsy? And Yoo Jung to the rescue. Are their emotions finally connecting? Can't wait to see these.

Love these bts.

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