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Thursday, October 17, 2013

[mslee's thoughts] Secret Episode 7 - Unveiling


The episode starts with MH staying at the hospital with the unconscious YJ. She fainted. Her body could not take any longer the pains it is enduring.

Why did MH care? Scared of finding another woman dying because of him? How did he know he was the reasons? Isn't it too arrogant of him to assume that.

She has too many troubles, too many thoughts running inside her head, DH one of them, her father passing away ans yes, MH who still block her from starting her life again.

Why wipe her tears? I think at this moment, without a doubt, his feelings are changing, but he has yet to find out and accept the reality of it. All he knew is that he is bored when she is not around.

Up until this moment DH keeps me guessing what runs inside his heart, his mind. He is no longer a prosecutor. After all, he has not been a good one, maybe he is wailing for other who are  not upright but so was he. Deep inside he knew what he is.

Should I blame his parents for what he is? He is certainly telling them what he thinks he is and what he has done just to be a good son. Watching this scene, i felt his frustrations as the son of a poor family. He struggled to be where he was, studied hard to accomplish his parents dreams. But it is true, parents should not let their dreams be done for them by their child. It is suffocating.

He told them he hasn't given up on his dreams but he had to find a decent job because he is tried of seeing his parents berate by others. I as a viewer understand this. DH is trying his hard to be a good son. But I think his parents, his mother is too proud and very vocal claiming his achievements solely when YJ was also there to help financially.

I think from this moment on, DH's path will go against what he thinks is right. He wants to taste what it's like o be on the other side, like what he said to SY.

These two understand each other. They bring out the smiles their partners can't give them. SY maybe using him to make MH jealous, and DH I think will do the same to make MH angry. Or they are both falling with each other but not ready to accept it. When SY told her friends that she is dating him, DH told them to spread the rumor.

After YJ was discharged from the hospital. she went to find MH. He settled the amount of the bill and she wants to pay him in her own time. SY was there and because she is causing MH obsessing over her, she could not contain her feelings and she told her she is the fiancee. Claiming, possessive, that's all she can do in front of another woman.

I find some scenes in this episodes hilarious that led me as the viewer believe MH is feeling less hate towards YJ, more like caring.

Even if in front of SY he crumpled the paper with YJ's number, he saved it and called her later.

He got drunk and yet he called YJ.

Slept in her place. Next morning rattled when he found out where he spent the night. He told her he doesn't owe her anything and her hospitality will be subtracted form her debt.

He was so agitated, fidgety, maybe distressed at how he behaved, how vulnerable he was and letting YJ see him in his drunken state, he must be regretting his weak actions. he wants to control her not the other way round.

Another funny scene was in the boardroom meeting, all were discussing the agenda, SY sitting there but MH as the presiding officer was discreetly dialing YJ number. It backfired to him when SY called his attention and at the same time the phone was answered and a female voice was talking, and it was YJ on the other line. SY looked at him all he could do was end the call in a hurry, all fingers attacking the phone.:))

So childish yet so cute.

MH found out SY and DH are getting closer, enough for her to call him friend and cook for him. MH is annoyed. Why? SY is his longtime friend and fiancee. And DH is getting bolder as he stated he will take away SY from him.

DH is slowly getting that confidence. I guess he decided to take whatever he can to win a game in life. And SY will be his way.

Will these two become greedy for love, for power,  for attention to be happy and exact revenge? Both are feeling injustice of what becomes of their lives. DH and his weakness was played by MH, yet he let him. SY feeling taken for granted, yet she let herself be just to be by MH side.

They both chose where they are right now. They knew it but emotions are hard to enclose. I am fascinated by DH character. I know he would turn the villain here, but was it all because of circumstances he was in? I want to know why he is choosing this path even though he knows the right thing to do.

Another encounter with MH stepmom. YJ cellmates were selling imitation bags to her and YJ came along not knowing it was MH house. She was once again told hurtful words and MH came. Although surprised, he somehow defended her from his stepmom. Dragging YJ away they came face to face with DH who now works for the family.

Taunting DH with their hands intertwined, or more likely MH holding tightly onto YJ's hands.

MH is provoking DH but he stayed indifferent.

I call this episode unveiling because, litle by little MH is unveiling what kind of man DH is to YJ. He called DH friend, and if YJ is intelligent enough to put sometime to think about it, she will understand the sarcasms that layered MH words.

Unveiling because even if DH is guily and still has attachment to YJ, I think for selfish reasons he wants to put distance between them. MH holds the secret of her failure to have parole.

Unveiling because finally YJ accosted the one who was behind her child being taken away from her. And YJ is forming her own conclusion as to who had a hand in making her suffer without her son.

Unveiling because at last, MH let DH knows he knew all along his relationship with YJ.

As the story continues, more secrets will be laid to open and the lives of thee 4 characters will be affected. I like MH and YJ to find that happiness and second chance at love. But for them to have it, they got to face and untangle their sad fate.

mslee1107 writing

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