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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

[mslee's thoughts] Episode 1 Marry Him If You Dare Review - Changing Destiny

Day 2 but I only got to watch the premiere episode of the new drama MHIYD with English sub now starring Yoon Eun Hye, Lee Dong Gun, Jung Yong Hwa and Han Chae Ahn.

It's a time travel drama from the future visiting the present time. Na Mi Rae came back to change her destiny. Her goal is to help her young Mi Rae steer her course in life. A decision she had to make.

The future Na Mi Rae is a sophisticated woman in her 50's. She looked elegant and classy. She knows what she wants. And determined to have it. 

While the young Ma Mi Rae is a girl who works at a call center and having a low self esteem, she is easily bullied by callers who played and nagged  her because they knew she can't do anything because it's work. She is also a dreamer. A girl who can easily lost herself in dreams even in the middle of the streets. A carefree attitude that exudes happy energy despite nurturing inner struggles she keeps to herself. A scared girl who is too afraid to take her chance at possibilities life has yet to offer her.

A meeting between old Mi Rae and young Mi Rae happened while the present Mi Rae was about to get the car of her brother at the car park. The ahjumma, as she called her was already inside the car. She thought she was a crazy woman, rambling about things she could not understood. Even if she cautioned her not to take the 3rd lane in the freeway, though rattled at the thought, she still changed lanes at the last minute. Then the accident happened. And the ahjumma's prediction was true.

What could be the ahjumma's trying to avoid Mi Rae to meet?

The temperamental and egoistic news anchor from YBS that was recently demoted to morning show, Kim Shin. And I think, the ahjumma's presence in the present times already changed the fate of these two young future husband and wife. Yes, because the story showed Mi Rae marrying kim Shin. What's interesting is that, she knew about changing lanes and what should have happened then, but because the ahjumma somehow told her to avoid the 3rd lane, the exact time of the accident was somehow changed when she contemplated about doing so. I believe that moment already changed their destiny. Because the collision was between Kim Shin and Seo Yoo Kyung, another anchor on the same station. SYK's temple was bleeding and she went to hospital. It causes for her and Kim Shin to make the first encounter.

The ahjumma and Mi Rae finally talk and with information she herself only knew, like her diary, the ahjumma also had it with her. The ahjumma told her she wants to help her change her future. To meet the right guy. And she has in mind who would that be.

Park Se Ju. The grandson of the CEO of the broadcasting company disguised as a VJ. He is in Jeju. The place where both Mi Rae was heading after winning in a singing contest. Although she believe the ahjumma's words that she is her future, still Mi Rae continue to be her carefree self, naive and totally opposite of this ahjumma.

Park Se Ju was by the pool when Mi Rae decided to play in the water. While the ahjumma was searching for Se Ju in that hotel. It seems that what happened before was Se Ju and Yoo Kyung met there and became a couple. 

The ahjumma wanted to reverse that fate. Without her knowing, it was done already when Yoo Kyung had the accident. That hindered her from going to Jeju.

So all the little maneuvers by the ahjumma was taking place. And it was Se Ju who first saw Mi Rae at the pool while she was wiggling to hook her bikini that came undone. Although he was getting irritated by the woman he was speaking with at the time, his attention was being stolen by Mi Rae at the pool. Unfortunately, he witnessed when the ahjumma slapped Mi Rae for her being uncaring of her surroundings at the pool. Guess the ahjumma became serious and refined unlike Mi Rae. How did it happen, I am curious.

Then Mi Rae got scolded. She cried because she can't do what the ahjumma wanted her to do. To start sorting her life, live like her former peers and discover what she is capable of doing. She cried because her fears are too many and her self esteem is low.

That night she waded through the water. The gold fishes made her realize that life is precious. She took off her dress and swam naked. All the while Se Ju witnessed her actions and discreetly turned but already, she captured his interest.

Back in Seoul, Kim Shin was working with Mi Rae's brother. But they can't agree mostly on ideas. Se Ju became a part of Kim Shin's team, a morning show. And they too seems to have different ideas. Kim Shin is as arrogant as ever.

Mi Rae resigned as a call center agent, applied for jobs but couldn't find one. She decided to pursue her dreams of becoming a writer, on which the ahjumma was adamantly saying NO to her. She just could not work in a broadcasting station. She must not meet "that person" the ahjumma is trying for her to avoid by all means.

Then the accident happened. Both cars bumped into each other and Kim Shin's temper is showing again. Not that he cared even if he was recognized, As he said before, he is human also.

Na Mi Rae and Kim Shin finally met! Is this the same fate that happened before? Has their destiny changed? Or is the sequence the only thing that changed?

I think that the ahjumma has to work hard to interfere between Kim Shin and Na Mi Rae. But my question is, can she really change the course of their destiny just because she wants to? And can love be stopped from happening?

The story is quite interesting. Funny yet sad. Still I had a great time watching this episode.

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