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Friday, October 18, 2013

[mslee's thoughts] Episode 3 Medical Top Team - The Team Faced Their First Surgery

episode 3

Seo Joo Young was affected by what her superior, Dr Jang Yong Seob told her about quitting on her application on Top Team to prove the rumors that whatever success she has is because of her own doing and not by the support given to her by Dr. Han Seung Jae. After a lot of thought, she decided not to join. It hurt her ego and he self esteem but she knew there were truth about what's been going around. Although she  herself knows that she deserve what ever she has right now.

On her way to HSJ, she met Park Tae Shin already talking with him. Heard him accepting the offer to be on the team, which made HSJ pleased and her, a bit down. She badly wanted to be on the team, but she has to give up just to suit the people around her. Politics is always hard to handle specially with a girl like her in the field where others need backers just to stay.

HSJ was surprised on her decision yet did not accept it. He told her he put up this project with her in mind from the very beginning, which made JY even more sorry for him and for herself. But her decision is final. This cause a rift on their friendship. It's like HSJ was hurt by her not trusting him. He knew her dilemma and he was ready to talk with the people creating this problems with her, but she would not let him do it for her. Enough of his support. It will only prove those people that they were right.

She continue her rounds. While the young resident doctors, Kim Sung Woo and Choi Ah Jin keep covering up for each other, which only made JY reprimand them. She told them to be responsible and stop owning up to one's mistakes. Sung Woo continue his devoted attention to clueless Ah Jin. His efforts of making packed lunches to impress her are being put to waste. Nurse Yeo Min Ji keep butting in, to his dsismay and all he could do was watch as his lunch box devoured by both Ah Jin and Min Ji. Guess he needs to tell her in a different way his affections to make it home.

Meanwhile Park Tae Shin starts working at the hospital. But since the team is only exclusive for complicated surgeries/cases, he has no patient but visit Ba Wee. He was such a sweet and caring doctor to the child. He even makes her laugh. Their relationship is like oppa/dongsaeng. BW is still under JY and when she made her rounds in the ward together with her team, PTS just let her do her job but keep staring at her. I think he likes her but is aware of her cold demeanor towards him.

The child sensed JY's aloof manner and made her say she doesn't like the doctor because she is always angry. PTS was bewildered at the child's perceptiveness. But he corrected her and say she is her doctor. All these, JY heard, but she smiled and dismissed.

The list of Top Team was officially released. The team met and HSJ let them see the facility just for their use. HSJ is really proud of this team, this project. I think this is going to be his way to achieve his goal. To be recognized by his father, the Chairman. Yes, he is the son. 

Because of the strain on their friendship, HSJ turned cold on JY and she to him. The easy comfortable camaraderie was non existent. Then a VIP patient was suddenly rushed to the hospital. A son of a wealthy family who is a family friend and important to chairman's other business. His case is very complicated. And as mslee is not really into medical terms, I will leave that part. The only thing I understand is that the patient needs an urgent surgery but his parents are not trusting the hospital and just waiting for him to stabilize his condition then will fly to the States.

JY was adamant at first to let the surgery be done there. The Vice Chairman and her Chief, Dr. Jang stopped her from further saying her opinions to the mother. They are cautious because if anything happened to the son, it might create a bad relationship with the two families. After some thought, HSJ talked to PTS and asked if he will do the surgery. 

PTS replied he will. But his reason is to save the patient, which has always been his top priority. He asked HSJ if he has other reasons than that. HSJ denied. But I think PTS sensed that this operation has more meaning to HSJ than he is willing to divulge. He is right though. I see HSJ wanting this operation to be a success not only for the hospital, for the team he conceptualized, but for his own personal agenda. The approval of the chairman.

Their meeting about the surgery reached the chairman. The mother and the patient were both irritated by their way of convincing them about it. But in the end, the mother consented. The chairman was not happy about it. He told HSJ to stop, but HSJ is stubborn. When the schedule of surgery came, JY found another complication. After studying the new findings, PTS needed another surgeon to help him. HSJ was about to call Chief Jang even though he knew he may turn down offering help, but JY in that moment decided that she will do the surgery. HSJ nodded. PTS although surprised, was I think happy. This will be JY's moment to prove everybody she is capable to be in the team.

So the operation started. What's drama without conflict and troubles ahead. One of the preparations or procedures rather won't be done. If they fail  in that, the damage will be big, the heart will stop beating. I hope I read it right. [laughing here] 

Top Team in the works. Will PTS deliver his expertise?

mslee117 writing...

The scenes inside the OR...

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