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Thursday, October 17, 2013

[mslee's thoughts] Marry Him If You Dare Episode 2 - Na Mi Rae Chase Her Dreams As Fate Intervenes

Episode 2

Na Mi Rae and Kim Shin meets.

Trying hard to put distance between present Mi Rae and Kim Shin, the "ahjumma" [future MR] did all she could and reminded MR to avoid YBS.  She even managed to affect the first accident in the free way causing KS to meet Yoo Kyung instead, an anchor and his hoobae.

But fate is fate and seems no amount of pressure or intervention from the ahjumma would put aside what is meant all along.

Both cars collided. KS with his temper and foul  mouth put MR to speechless for awhile but then she found her courage to talk back. They can't arrive at a good settlement, one wanting to go to prison, seeing the expired license of KS and the other no money to pay off the damage.

MR ran off, to KS anger.

MR tried to obey the ahjumma's advise and study for civil service exam but her heart is not on the task at hand. She wants to be a writer in a broadcasting company. I think it has always been her dream.  While the ahjumma is busy finding the right guy for MR. She is still not considering Se Ju then. I got a feeling that although she knows SJ, he really didn't affect her in any way back then.

But fate once again intervene. Hearing one of his team mates in the morning show blabbered about keeping your enemy besides you, made KS decided to hire MR to be with his team. But she has no idea how to make previews, and no one is helping her. By then, she just do what she thinks she knows but while walking the corridors of the station, her brother saw her and here goes the hide and seek, hair pulling of his brother. She found her way to SJ's room and hide there, to his surprise and amusement. He even recognize her as the girl with the scar in Jeju. By this time SJ has 
somehow smitten with this breezy girl. 

SJ and MR meeting is much lighter than her meeting with KS. SJ's warm aura made her at ease with him. They easily became comfortable around each other. Although MR already knew he was disguised as a VJ but a wealthy grandson of a chaebol.

More cute scenes followed as the ahjumma found out that MR was at the YBS, making her agitated and run off to the station. Se Ju became MR shield from the ahjumma as she tried to pull her but when she saw SJ, it was as if a light brightened around him in the ahjumma's eyes.

Upon learning that SJ is working there and MR is in the same team, the ahjumma felt a little comfort at the thoought. Relieved yet still anxious of KS, not knowing they already met. She still hasn't told MR about him.

MR stayed that day in the company. But she could not be reached by anyone, even his brother and KS. That time the ahjumma was also looking for her. Destiny made her meet the young KS, to her astonishment.

Here is the man she is doing her best to meet MR, the man she married before, but KS doesn't know about her or their future.

The ahjumma in her state of emotional turmoil, blurted things she only knew about him which made him misunderstood everything she said. And that puts MR in a bad light. KS is angry, thought he was fooled by both [MR] and with his foul temper, MR is surely in for a dreadful word war with him.

The face off...

He drenched water on her face upon entering the office. And he didn't stop there, he continue to nag her, berate her that leaves a deep scar emotionally. She is MR and she is used to being bullied around and not speaking up for herself, but finally, this hurtful words from this man amde her stand up and defend her self.

She had had enough of ridicules, enough of being belittled and this is the time to make everyone see what she can do. 

Knowing who KS now in the ahjumma's life, her future life that she wants to avoid meeting because it will cause her pain and kill the person she loves in the future, she has somehow has a hand in her destiny.

As Mi Rae chase her dream as a writer in the company, [I think she will stay there] Se Ju will be her friend that will make her smile. I wonder how she will heed the ahjumma's advise, seducing SJ. Won't it be too calculating of her to do that just to make him fall in love with her? That kind of love, will she be happy and contented? Na Mi Rae from the future already disrupt her present life, taking away the surprise she could have as she takes her journey in life. Will fate let her change what is destined just to satisfy future MR?

Additional thoughts...

a wild guess from mslee, how about Alzhiemer/dementia? KS spoke the words, he will only sopt being an anchor if he has it.

My guess, IF this is what happened, he might have done things unconsciously. But supposing he did go as far as killing the person MR loves, with an illness no one wants to acquire...

Whatever the real reasons might be, i don't think FMR really loved her husband the first time.  coz she can easily decide/discard that love. And by travelling back all she did was make sure her present self be aware of KS and by doing so, the journey of falling in love the second time would be more felt and whatever flaws he has, it is up to present MR to accept wholeheartedly or not.

I think this present MR will be more stronger than her. For me FMR is the weak MR, with her pretentious attitude, not like present MR, maybe she has low self esteem but she can take whatever life throws at her.

mslee 1107 writing

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