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Friday, September 29, 2017

(Mslee's thoughts)TKL WonSan Moments - Smiles & Tears

Random scenes...

Just a short post showing WonSan moments through smiles & tears.

I wonder how the writers forgot this emotional scene of Won and San? With yoonA's interview where she cited that San fell in love with Rin at the rooftop scene..and San in the last episode saying that Rin always saves her, I really think that somehow I missed something while watching the drama.

Because from what I understood, this is the real thoughts of San towards Han Cheon aka Won.

She learned that he is the crowned prince. The one who has been saving and protecting her all this time.

She knew that he has the power to do so and she received them in bewilderment and unexpectedly those times she was in need of help.

Now she knew it was him. The one who stopped her wedding proposal. 

The tears...

She was grateful to him. 
And in that rooftop scene where she was saved by then unknown hands of Rin she said she fell in love. Was it not a shallow reason to fall in love? That moment? That soon?
Rin was acting in behalf of Won. He was not trusting her then when he saved her. He was spying on her to know more about her.

And when San told Bi Yeon about the man (Rin) saving her..she also know who was behind him. She knew it was Won. So I wonder how she ends up romanticizing that rooftop scene and thinks she fell in love that time. Did she not say to Won it was hard thinking about other man in front of him?

This was an emotional scene. Both were trying not to cry. She was grateful and yet she hurt him with her actions. Won listening to her talking about Han Cheon was heartbreaking.

San was building walls between them.

The smiles...

I know this was not a happy smile but for Won he always try to smile just for San.
He hides his pain. He wanted to smile to make her smile. He wanted her not to worry.

Because he made himself her protector.

Her smile...

She was supposed to be locked up.
She is a tribute.
But here she was...

Smiling at surprised Won. 
She will help him stop sending tributes to Yuan.

Smiles are often what WonSan shared in the drama. 
Whenever they faced each other they can't help but smile at each other.

Through tears and smiles and sometimes laughter Won and San understand each other. 


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