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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

[mslee’s thoughts] The King Loves – WonSan Connection First Meeting

Since the drama ended, mslee is not yet over the story of WonSan. It is hard to move on when the ending seems open ended and possibilities are left by the Pdnim for viewers to indulge themselves. But I will not go there yet… discussing my thoughts on the ending of the drama. There were arguments from both half of the viewers of what the story did tell, but since I am in love with Won and San as the couple, I will go where WonSan thoughts are.  As Won is my favored character this is my way of telling his story as I understand him.
This is my next installment of gifs of WonSan moments. Starting from where they first laid eyes on each other. Starting from when the connection begins.
Episode 1
We knew by heart by now how their story began. From when the crowned prince sets foot outside the palace with his only friend then accompanying him to see the world outside from where he grew up, inside the palace walls. The joy of seeing common people, the adventure of realizing he had chanced upon thieves and sneaking up on plan of robbering one of the richest family that he only heard of. Of course, that turned into disaster. A disaster that would bind him and San and connect their fate forever.
Won has been gifted with intelligence and a heart that can see through to another burdened soul despite the walls separating him from her. He knew how to comfort, how to connect and how to make her stronger in the midst of her grief and guilt. Won as the crowned prince did not act differently from any common people. With him as royal, he could be arrogant but even if this girl is a maid, he understood her pain and tried in his own little way to give her comfort.
Years passed but the connection he made with her remains When their paths crossed it took only a matter of minutes until he remembered everything he knew about her. From that far away first meeting, eyes swollen with tears, he realized this woman in front of him is the same girl from those memories. And it was not a surprise that even after these years, that comfortable feeling he had with her is the same. She knew him. She recognized him. That boy was this man in front of her.
Perhaps the thread of fate from that long ago pulled them together in this one moment, in this place for that chance of meeting again.

This is the story of me who came to love YOU more than myself.

Won began telling his story. Won professed his love towards this YOU he was talking to.
And I as a viewer was pulled by their charm and the beauty of what’s to come as their tangled fate continues.

Won mesmerized by this enchanting beauty in front of him...

Just like that even how long ago it happened
The same reaction.

Must be a memory that was deeply hidden and cherished for him not to forget.

Won's first mistake...
Recognizing her.

First mistake that will lead to opening her heart to him.

The moment when their connection started.

When the thread of fate began to swirl around them.

Tied them together unknowingly.

Like drinking buddies😂

A connection that started their journey together..

As Won & San
The story of a love that would make him throw him self away...
just for her.


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