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Monday, February 22, 2016

[mslee's thoughts] GIF -Six Flying Dragons Episode 39 Highlights

It's clear that Sambong started to make things according to his own plans and that is securing the new regime, not recognizing Bang Won and his brother's participation in the founding foundation of Joseon. Their names were not included in the list which made some officials frown at this action. They knew the contribution of Bang Won but even the King himself, Seung Gye [King Taejo] was letting Sambong manipulate the situation.

On a viewers point of view, I think this was a harsh decision and disrespectful of ones contribution. It was Bang Won who really started the plan to move forward when he sealed the document without his father's knowledge concerning the border stabilization plan. That was the exact moment when all things started it all for their group. I just feel the unfair action now that the goal was achieved. I think all participants in the founding foundation of Joseon should have been recognized despite the on going rifts between Bang Won and Sambong.

Yeon Hee decided that it was time for Boon Yi and her organization to be dissolved and let them go back to their hometowns. This was to cut ties with Bang Won [Prince Joengan} whom the groups was known to be working with. Yeon Hee was clearly the right hand of Sambong and her assistance was appreciated and respected. I think Bang Ji [Ddangsae] should have told his sister what exactly he wished for her but he was not deciding for her. He respects whatever she wants.

The scene with Bonn Yi and Bang Won was intense and sad. Bang Won knew Boon Yi was having a hard time to choose him in favor of Sambong but at the same time she does not want to hurt him. All she up was to advise him to just live quietly as a prince now that the goal had been achieved. I understand why Bang Won felt indignant at Boon Yi hearing those words. Ever since they started together dreaming of a new world, she had been there by his side, encouraging him, giving him strength, always igniting the fire within himself to not stop making the world a better place to live as long as they are alive. He reminded her of what she said, still she was undecided. He was threatening her about killing her if she choose Sambong, definitely an act of insecurity and fear of being left by Boon Yi. He was so angry to tell her how he desperately needed her.

Min Da Gyung as usual showed how she saw the situation to be favorable to them. She was not called a wise woman for nothing. She told them both that bang Won must marry Boon Yi, make her his concubine and hold on to her so the people in Boon Yi's organization would stay besides Bang Won.

Jeong Do Jeon [Sambong] now has the title of the Prime Minister along with many more positions under his name. He went to a secret mission at the border to meet the head of the Jurchens. It was really not a suspicious meeting because he is the Prime Minister and the Chief of the army but disguising himself as a merchant was what the other officials at the palace did not know.

Along with Bang Ji and Yeon Hee, and a couple of Hwasadan spies, they started their journey. Min Da Gyung asked Boon Yi to tail Sambong. It was not a task Boon Yi wanted to do but since she was still undecided, she asked one of the youngest boy in her group who was not seen by Sambong yet to tail them.

The secret mission was to sell a part of land to the Jurchens. It was the Liaodong. Bang Won and Moo Myung were both trying to guess Sambong's plans. 

After the meeting with the Jurchens, Sambong and company went back to the place where the in keeper who made it possible for them to meet the Jurchens. It was where he and Bang Ji discovered that the place must be in connection with Moo Myung. 

Yook San arrived and to his surprised, he saw that it was not just a mere merchant but Sambong himself disguised. Sambong did not know Yook San as a Moo Myung.



this spy was killed tailing Bang Won. Moo Hyul was asked to kill the woman but because it was a clod blooded thing to do, he hesitated. Bang Won did not forced him to do it but told him that whatever decision he came up to, it would be on his conscience.

Young Gyoo who has always been loyal to Bang Won did the job himself.

King Taejo /Lee seung Gye announced that the crown prince is Bang Seok [Prince Uian]. The Prince's education will be handled by Sambong.

Confused why Bang Won and some names were not in the list of the founding foundation...

Lee Sin Jeok was a surprise for Bang Won but he is still skeptical if this one who was a Sam,bong follower was really disappointed.

Yeon Hee telling Sambong about how to compensate Boon Yi's people so they will now disperse.

Some funny moments..
Bang Won laughing seeing Young gyoo and Moo Hyul in their new uniforms having been appointed to hold offices at the government.

Another strategy to make these two cut ties with Bang Won.

Brothers talking about their father's decision.

Yeon Hee talking with Boon Yi....

Boon Yi and Bang Won...

Min Da Gyung interrupting them with her brilliant plan...

Monk Jukryeong trying to get information from Bang Won...

Sambong with the Jurchens...

Tailing Sambong...

The place has the insignia of Moo Myung!

Yook San meeting Sambong. So he is disguised as a merchant. Sambong does not know him...


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