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Saturday, October 10, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] GIF Because It's The First Time First Thoughts

I think I found another youth drama that brings smile to me while watching. A story of friendship and complicated romance like first love.

Five friends...

and someone who will be added in the complicated love triangle already. Or won't she?

Tae Oh's first love is Song Yi, 

But just as he likes her and keeping it a secret for the longest time now, her eyes are looking towards Ji An. It seems that Ji An also likes her. Oh, young love and friendship! It brings confusion sometimes. 

Tae O decided to look at another girls knowing that he has cared for a long time now to Song Yi but not having the courage to tell her how he feels. Maybe he is anxious of what will be her reaction, scared that their friendship might suffer. Every time he went to a blind date, expecting to find that girl. 

At his latest blind date, he found a very interesting and good looking girl Se Hyun. 

Still, when Song Yi is being bullied by her manager in the same cafe where he met his blind date, he could not resist not protecting her and fight with the manager. She was fired from her part time job.

In this pilot telecast of the drama, Song Yi has the most worries in life compared to her friends financially. And then her mother abandoned them, leaving her and her sister own their own. Song Yi had not choice but to be apart with her sister who will stay temporarily with their aunt who is not happy with the situation either. I feel sorry for her. 

Tae O was with her every time she is undergoing tough times. I think she appreciated it from him but because her personality does not like to be pitied that she prefer bullying him in those situations. But the friendship is deeper between them.

The funny one that brings laughter in the series is Choi Yoon.

 He is always being ousted from his home wearing his boxers/undergarments. The whole neighborhood know about him and even the worldwide web because naughty Tae O posted his photo in SNS, to his horror. Seriously, their bonding as a group is filled with laughter and banter which put smiles on viewers.

Then there are cameos that are truly eye catching like Yoona of SNSD, portrayng as a senior in the school where Tae O and the rest of the gang go to. 

She is trying to get Tae O for a date, using her seniority and her popularity in school but Tae O does not even show any interest, only thinking of buying snack for Song Yi. Then the manager of the cafe is Hong Seok Chun. 

The ending of the pilot premiere of the series [consisting of at least 3 episodes] showed how frustrated and helpless Song Yi is regarding her current situation. without a mother and a sister far away from her, she has nowhere to go. 

They are in debt and was evicted in their own home. She called SOS to voice out her concerns but not really telling who she is. It is alarming that a 20 year old is suffering life like this. 

She could be thinking of more dangerous thoughts but thankfully, police arrived at the scene,  and then not knowing that both Ji An and Tae O are looking and waiting for her with worried look.

Whatever will happen to her will be interesting. How she will be able to stand on her own and what will happen at the rest of her friends.

Something worth watching to realize and learn also what parent's can not understand why their children act a certain way, like Choi Yoon. 

There is definitely generation gap as well as misunderstanding between parents and child. I hpe to be enlightened watching this drama series.

Light, funny, endearing, cute but there is a pinch at the heart for some reality bites!


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