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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] GIF - Six Flying Dragons Episode 1 Highlights

For now will just share some highlights from the episode. Haven't watched with English sub yet.
This looks interesting though. At the end of the episode, it looked like the son was disappointed with his father for not standing up against the old man who was I think the enemy. Interesting line up od cast as well.

Hope to write some thoughts on this drama soon.


After a week, finally watched the series with English sub. This is a good drama and I think I will be enjoying watching this one. A story of patriotism and betrayal. A story of greed. Well, when a drama is about politics, saeguk style, then of course, dirty politics will play a major role in the plot and development of the story.

One of the characters that are very intriguing is Jung Do Jeon played by Kim Myung Min. At the opening scene, he looked like a beggar, stealing food from a poor man walking alone. He chatted with him, shared the food he is eating which at some point the poor man realized it was his own food that this stranger is sharing with him. Well, Jung Do Jeon is acting like a crazy man, but then it was just a disguise. He has his own place hidden in the mountains, and inside were books.

Two other characters appeared, already waiting for him inside. One is Lee Bang Won, [Yoo Ah In] who seemed eager to see him again, but Do Jeon is not really remembering him. Then the other one is Ddang Sae [Yoon Byo Han] who is also waiting for him. Both men are not familiar to Do Jeon.

 But apparently, Bang Won remembered Ddang Sae from when they were young.


Lee bang Won came from a noble family. His father is the great Lee Seong Gye, very popular because he seemed to be a virtuous man and a soldier. Yes, a government official, a general. Bang Won looks up to his father with great pride just like all his brothers and those who serves him. 

There was a traitor in their group but the man they caught would not spill out who that is. The man was caught with a letter, sealed with a mark that they suspiciously thought came to the Prime Minister, Lee In Gyum. Currently, the PM is the most powerful in the government.

Bang Won told his father to let him visit the city. Two bodyguards were assigned to look out for him. Bang Won was so entranced by what he was seeing at the market place. He got lost. 

At that time, children who are beggars have been told by their leader to look out for someone they could milk out to get some money. Because Bang Won is not familiar with the ways in the city, how poor people rely on begging food  in order to live, he was caught by the group. His clothes were taken away from him. That's when his bodyguards realized he was not with them anymore and decided to look out for him.

Meanwhile, one of the trusted men who came with him went on his own and hid a letter inside one of the place. Unfortunately, a beggar young man, Ddang Sae saw him. When the man walked away, Ddang Sae's curiosity made him took out the letter and saw the red seal marked on the paper. It was the same seal carried by the man caught by Seong Gye whom he killed. Apparently, this man who hid the letter is the traitor one they were trying to look.

They found him as the children were making fun of him as he ranted. The two bodyguards unsheathed their swords to care the children. Just then Ddang Sae arrived and saw the man who hid the letter. He revealed what he knew. The traitor was Lee Ji Ran and the comic and more trustful is Jo Young Gyoo. Fight erupted between the two. But then Ji Ran ran away.

The children were left alone again. Bang Won was still there. These children were actually looking for their missing mothers. One of the little girls, Gab Boon was carrying a few months old baby on her back. Their mother was also missing. Other thought those others abandoned their children.

That night Bang Won, Ddang Sae and Boon Yi went inside the house of the Prime Minister. Of course, they don;t know what they would find out inside. 

They saw lots of foods and decided to eat and steal. They were separated inside. Bang Won peaked inside one of the doors and to his horror saw women nursing piglets. It made him want to throw up what he ate. It was a sick view. Now he knows that those missing mothers were kept here ion the PM's house. 

He was caught by the guards. Luckily, the siblings were able to hide in one of the storage rooms but then they were locked inside. Bang Won  told them who he is. He was able to return home. He must tell his father what he witnessed and rescue those women to return them to their children.

That time, Do Geon is one of the ministers in the government. He is know for his somewhat crazy thoughts, which is just a disguise to fool those that are enemies. He already told others that Lee Seong Gye will most likely not accept a government post, like minister. It proved him right.

Lee Seong Gye was called to a gathering of officials in the Prime Minister's house. 

The Queen [ I hope I'm right in my recollection] offered him a post and the PM and his right hand Gil Sun Mi are both uneasy with him. It seemed that the PM was the one who wrote those marked letters and was the enemy. of course, there was no proof. The PM wants Goryeo to be an ally with the Yuan, which will of course start a war with Ming. This is what Lee Seong Gye and  other ministers are trying to avoid. They don't want a war. 

There is warning in the program where a play was being shown to the guest. Al, the while Bang Wong was sitting unhappily and with hate towards the minister. He is confident that his father would help him and his new found friends.

At the end of the episode, there was threat that was issued to Lee Seong Gye from the PM.

 It was witnessed by Bang Won who was hiding in one opf the pillars. he saw how his father vowed in front of the PM, definitely showing a sign that he would not fight the PM. It was a disappointing scene for Bang Won.

This is a story that will slowly unfold a complicated politics during the Goryeo era. Very intriguing and very captivating villains and heroins in the story. I know that for a pilot episode, not all are laid out, I need back stories to tie up the characters to what their missions are. For now, the young kids who are portraying the characters are all good. The Prime Minister looks like going to be the best and scary villain in this drama. Gil Sun Mi is really one character that entertains and intrigue me as well. 

Til next episode...


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