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Monday, October 5, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] GIF D-Day Episode 3 Highlights

Episode 3 is chaos.

The aftermath of the earthquake left so much damage that even the firefighters and rescue team felt frustrated not able to do their job quickly. 

The roads were blocked, no electricity and water was also cut off.  Help was basically slow to arrive and only the will of the survivor either unscathed or injured will make them live.

Hae Sung and Ddol Mi with Ji Na started to receive patients despite not having enough medical tools and medicines. 

People were there asking medical attention and Hae Sung could not drive them away even if his colleagues wanted him to. He told Ddol Mi and Ji Na to segregate the patients from urgent to not so urgent and of course those that would not make it. 

A son of a patient who was still breathing but lifeless because of severe condition made a scene in the hospital, hurting Hae Sung and Ddol Mi. But what could they do? There's so much to do but little help and not enough tools. 

Even if Hae Sung does not know anything about delivering a child, in this case a twin, he was forced to do so because no one will help them.

Thankfully, the mother and her twin survived but still needs to be transferred to a bigger hospital. The twins need an incubator.

Even the hospital would fall down any minute now that's why Hae Sung started to lead the patients out of the building with his mother on his back.

What's surprising and unexpected was Mirae hospital closing it's doors to so many patients in need of medical attention. They were yelling for help outside, pounding the glass doors and windows but securities were quick to put barriers to stop them from coming inside. It was just sad because it is one of the biggest hospital in the city and have capable staff that could help these people who were hurt from the earthquake.

Meanwhile, government agencies are yet to make their move and plans on these chaos. Chief of ER Kang Joo Ran lost her son while driving away to a safer place  [which I wonder if there was one in times of these natural disaster] during the earthquake. While her ex husband Goo Ja Hyuk was ordering his staff to look into what his happening outside particularly to Yeonpyeong. 

Episode 3 showed how it is to be caught up in a natural disaster and what being helpless means?

As Hae Sung and the patients started to go towards the sea to ride a boat to get to another place quicker, because by land it would surely be tough because of blockage, two strong headed men decided on their own to head back to the hospital. 

Hae Sung ran after them, urging them to turn around but they only ran faster inside the building. As soon as they stepped foot inside, the building started to crack and collapsed with Hae Sung swallowed by dark smoke from the building.

Actually, the visual is very good. I wonder where the story will lead?

Amidst this chaos Ddol Mi and Hae Sung's relationship as colleagues are improving.

I find a cute chemistry between these two and knowing that they will have more cute scenes as the story progresses.


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