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Thursday, November 14, 2013

[mslee's thoughts] MHIYD Episode 10 Review

Episode 10 brings some highlights of the drama that are needed to understand where the story is heading to. 

First, the revelation of Se Joo's true personality as the Chaebol's  grandson to Kim Shin. It is somewhat underhand the way it was staged together with the ahjumma, but it got what Se Joo wanted from Kim Shin. Surprise. It also told how he won't back down from fighting for Mi Rae's feelings and attention, even though he knew already that Mi Rae's feelings lies on someone else.

I think that particular moment when KS found out about SJ with FMR as the accomplice did not make it easier for FMR to feel triumphant on her cause. It just made her feel bad for doing that to KS. She knew how she feels for her husband and KS now in front of her is the younger version of the man she married and fell in love with. I don't think she really fell out of love with her husband before coming back to the present but she is still in love with him. Whatever happened in between them after the marriage is yet to be revealed.

I felt KS frustrations towards the ahjumma. He was right in telling her she could have just said so to him who SJ was. She did not have to go through with the scheme. It hurts him that all forces are trying very hard to tell him he is not good for Mi Rae and that he is nothing compared to SJ. 

Looking at the flashbacks of the ahjumma where she and KS had  beautiful moments as husband and wife I felt she is not regretting any of that precious moments spent with him, but rather she missed those times with him. But I was curious when the flashbacks were about Shin spending his time on the couch, watching tv while MR was working and that when she got home, none was the warm welcome of a loving husband. 

Something must have happened in those times between husband and wife. Maybe after the wedding bliss came problems. I believe Kim Shin now and Kim Shin then is not the kind of person FMR is trying to portray. Up until now, he hasn't a clue of who he is in FMR's life. So all his decisions are not affected by circumstances FMR brought with her today unlike MR  who knew something even though little. I think KS is not really a selfish person. Maybe he has a quick temper but if he will be given the chance to think things on his own, he will do the right thing enough to surprise his colleagues.

I think in the past they had a whirlwind romance and  it wore off after without giving them time to get to know themselves better. 

Another highlights of the episode was the changed hairstyle of MI Rae from permed to shoulder length cut straight hair. A decision she made to start on her next undercover project. It was a delicate and risky assignment and even her oppa was against it but SJ came to volunteer as someone who will be her back up. It's predictable on SJ's part to continue to be by her side. It is his advantage as a friend. While Shin although he wanted to stop her from doing the filming could not do anything. He was held back by the words of PD Na and he is still contemplating about it. Mi Rae definitely missed him as he continue to avoid her. Shin has become uncertain of what he must do about MR. 

What I like about Mi Rae is that even though Shin is no longer at her side like it used to be, she is still waiting for him.  No doubt about her real feelings. She loves him.

I feel sorry for Yoo Kyung. I was glad when she found out about the diary and did try her own investigation. She might just come up with the right answers. It's time like this that I am not very fond of the ahjumma. I know how she was trying to change the present and by doing that, lying to Yoo Kyung who by now is sincere in her love for SJ. I was cheering for her when finally she had the courage to tell SJ that she won't do anything more for him and for MR when they were inside the shuttle bus. She let him see that she is hurting. I know that it is only right that she let him know her true feelings for him and not be someone who will hide it. 

One interesting detail was the note written in the diary that MR was a bit jealous of YK then, seeing how she clings to her future husband. It tells something about MR personality then. She was supposed to be in love with KS but why feel envious of YK's favorable fate. I say fortunate because SJ is a Chaebol's grandson. Could it be that like what MR now told FMR again and again that it's all about money for her? It's too shallow. 

The ending scene was a hanging scene again. I plead the writer and the PDnim that they give us viewers some satisfaction on the next episode. While the kiss from last episode did not happen, I hope this time Mi Rae will also be brave enough to answer Kim Shin in front of their colleagues. After all, she was the one who challenged and encouraged Shin to be courageous in his feelings. 


I really hope MR will answer without hesitation and be true to herself.

mslee1107 writing

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