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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

[mslee's thoughts] Big Man Episode 3 Screen caps - Kang Ji Hyuk Becomes The President Of Hyun Sung Distributors

Episode 3

Kang Ji Hyuk [ Kim Ji Hyuk] was ready to confront his "father" Kang Sung Wook at the podium in front of many people in attendance in an event. But even if he asked him if he is really his son, the opportunity was suddenly turned and he was publicly acknowledged as the new President of Hyun Sung Distributors, one of the company in the Hyun Sung Group.

Not even aware of the hidden agenda behind the announcement, Ji Hyuk was speechless but he wasn't easily fooled. All he wanted was to know his identity. Being lied to by Sung Wook and the people around him, he did not immediately embrace his new personality. He even broke a table in front of Sung Wook and walked away. He went back to where his home is. To the  mother he knew.

He stayed away from the Kang family. But Sung Wook is not yet finished tying loose ends. Do Sang Ho ordered So Mi Ra to take care of a few things. Even if she did not want any part of it she could not do as she wish. She brought a photo to a shop and it was edited inserting a baby photo of [maybe] Ji Hyuk. It was framed and together with a baby dress put in a box.

The company which is supposed to be run by Ji Hyuk is being under investigated for tax evasion. It was the reason why Ji Hyuk is being put to be in charged of the company. They plan to dissolve it. News are all about Kang Sung Wook, weak and hospitalized. Of course, it was all staged. Trying to trick the agency.

Sung Wook visited Ji Hyuk at the restaurant. There he gave the box containing the photo and the baby dress. He wanted to prove that  he is truly their son kidnapped by some woman/ex-girlfriend and decided to raise him as her son. I think the faked sincerity got through Ji Hyuk, enough to melt his heart and believed him. That moment changed everything. He accepted his fate. 

He becomes the President of Hyun Sung Distributors.

Growing up in the slumps, he has no idea about company policies and how to run it as the President. But with eagerness, he walked with vigor inside the company. So Mi Ra was there to assist him only for personal things. Her job is not to assist him in any way when it comes to the company work. Workers inside the company are all anxious of the new President. They knew he knows nothing about the company. 

His day started meeting the department heads and reading a speech prepared by Mi Ra. He was having a hard time reading it in front of the executives. Realizing it won't do, he dropped the speech and speak with ease as he introduce himself the only way he knew. Someone who has no finesse when it comes to public speaking. Like a trash, as Jin Ah calls him.

But then, it is his way and they can accept him or not. He is clueless about the troubles brewing between the union workers and the company. A worker passed away while doing his job but the company is not giving in to the demands of the worker as compensation to the family. The worker who passed away was considered not a regular worker so the union decided to boycot. Hence there is no work done. 

Mi Ra was sent to the place where the workers are, represents the company but not giving in to the demands. It was also her hometown. her mother drives a local bus and her sister is still in school. 

In the midst of this, Ji Hyuk came to rely on Mi Ra's help whenever he needs it. Somehow, he trusted her and believes in her. He is becoming comfortable around her. Mi Ra is still guarded. Her loyalty is towards the company, considering Kang Dong Suk is her boyfriend. But then she knows what is happening and why. Sometimes her guilt overrides her mind.

One person who is not happy to be Ji Hyuk's sister is Jin Ah. Until now she is skeptical. She does not want to believe. She becomes restless, rebellious like a true rich girl and decided to change her hair color to blond. As a chaebol's daughter, she is exhibiting what rich girls are doing. She drinks. When she asked Sang Ho if Ji Hyuk is really her brother, she is confident he will tell the truth because she trusted him even when she was young. He used to tutor her . I was interested in the flashback because it seemed she had a crush on him and he knew it, too. But to her disappointment he told her Ji Hyuk is really family.

I am still not sure what will be the story of Ji Hyuk and Jin Ah. In the first episode, there was already a kiss between them, though it was only exchanged while escaping policemen. But that was enough to make Jin Ah notice him and I think attraction started then.

Ji Hyuk indulged her, even fighting with her just like a brother should. Running with her from the chasing men she provoked. Hugging her to protect her.  Whatever their fate will be, it is something to look forward, too. 

The ending of the episode became more exciting. Ji Hyuk went to where Mi Ra is, found out what is really happening and why workers are in argument with the company.  But then, he has no idea that the headquarters already dispatched a lot of men who will disrupt the district, fight with the workers and maybe let all the blame fall in Ji Hyuk's hands.

This is definitely chaos!

What will happen? Will Ji Hyuk ever resolve this big trouble that would surely leave casualties.

The story is about a man fooled to be  chaebol's son for a scheme of heart transplant that did not happen. A ploy to continue to deceive him being uneducated and penniless. To be the fall guy of corruption happening inside the company. But then, I think these high people has no idea how far he will go. They will be in for a big surprise. Ji Hyuk is a survivor. Survive and win, he will.

I hope to see how Ji Hyuk will defeat his enemies and how he will prove to be the Big Man.


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