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Saturday, May 10, 2014

[mslee's thoughts] You're All Surrounded Episode 2 Screen caps and Short Recap

Short Recap

What should one expect when four newbies join  two veteran police detectives in their first real action assignment?

CHAOS! Yup! As the team run out of breaths chasing the two big men causing traffic, four rookies were trying hard to catch these bad guys. Although disoriented and agitated, they caught up and surrounded one man but unfortunately he had with him Ji Kook, one of the rookies with a knife on his neck. Even Team leader Seo Pan Seok stopped advancing and buy time. But arrogant and brave Eun Dae Koo kept on advancing with a gun pointed at the man. Pan Seok was trying to stop him, shouting to lower the gun and he did but he only exchanged it with a stunner and he shot both.

At the police station, they were given task to investigate. Mistake after mistake happened to these newbies which irritated Pan Seok. Eo Soo Sun did not noticed a knife on the table while questioning the man. When she tied his arms, he already slid the knife in between his hands unnoticed. Both Dae Koo and Soo Sun transferred the man to the cell but on their way the man got away using the knife to untie him. He ran while the two were caught in surprise, both down and tangled as the man got away. 

The police car the man drove collided with Pan Seok's police car. Guess how angry Pan Seok must be?! Very , very angry. Another round of scolding for the newbies. 

There was an interesting scene when Kim Sa Kyung arrived at the station and she slapped Pan Seok. I think they had history together and parted bitterly. 

Dae Koo continue to be alone even if he was partnered with Eo Soo Sun. He has not warm words for her which makes her angry. Dae Koo also went to Pan Seok's house, installed a camera and made a copy of his phone. In the apartment shared by the 3 rookies, he showed rudeness towards Ji Kook. In the end, Ji Kook shared a room with Park Tae Il. Alone in the room all to himself, he monitored Pan Seok's house.

They were given another assignment which will be their last if they make mistakes again. They were to go undercover inside a club frequented by gold diggers to find their next victims. Soo Sun stayed inside the comfort room to record conversations. Outside, Park Tae Il and Ji Kook were trying to locate the gold diggers. Dae Koo was eyeing the girls immediately finding who are the gold diggers just by their appearance, which impressed Ji They were told not to cause a fight by Pan Seok. 

But a rich spoiled girl started a fight with one of the wannabe rich girls. Soo Sun tried so hard not to involve herself in the fight as Ji Kook held her tightly. But it was Dae Koo who stopped the girl from hurting the other girl. It was like a domino effect, chaos followed. 

In the midst of the fighting, a man was shot. Dae Koo saw him. They have no mobile phones to call 119. Soo Sun grabbed a gun from one of the men inside the club, aimed it at the loud speaker to stop the noise but she was trembling. Dae Koo got the gun and took a shot. 

Next thing they all rode police cars. The man whom they got the gun was a detective following a drug dealer for months now. Somehow the newbies interfered with their undercover work. They were interrogated but they did not give their names. Pan Seok had no way to get them but to bring the captain. 

Another reprimand from Pan Seok. This time he really want them to go away. But Ji Kook explained in tears how they tried their best as newbies. How they gather information. How they did their job. The recorded conversation was played and Pan Seok heard it. These rookies did what they were supposed to do.

Pan Seok was almost on the brink of maybe changing his mind, maybe apologizing and recognizing their work when his phone rings. Simultaneously, Dae Koo's phone vibrates. It stopped when Pan Seok's phone stopped ringing and started when it starts.

Pan Seok noticed what was happening. He turned and aimed his gaze at Dae Koo. Is this the end for Dae Koo and his team? 

So far the episode was good. Just as what I should expect to see in an action series like this one. There are still secrets not unfolded. And I think the team is a great balance of 3 different personalities and a courageous young woman. Pan Seok will surely have his hands full.


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