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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

[mslee's thoughts] MISAENG [Incomplete Life] Final Review

The last two episodes of this amazing drama has finally come. Watching episode 19, I was thinking that it could not possibly finish in the 20th episode. I thought it was too soon and as usual the writer had made sure that viewers will be satisfied in the end and not feel cheated.

Geu Rae's innocence or rather ignorance in office norms became a liability for Sales Team 3. His instincts told him there is something fishy in the solar power plant business in relation to China market which Poshin company handles. He also thought that even if Mr. Oh is feeling the same way and would not accept this kind of business deals, Mr. Oh is going through with it because of him. His future is on the line. Mr. Oh is making sure that he will be protected and stay in the company as he wished.

But the point is, all they have are suspicions and nothing concrete evidence that would justify or back up that Mr. Choi is doing something unethical for the company. Yes, this business involves connections which is against Mr. Oh's principles and work ethics. Yes, the contract from Poshin asked that the company only profits .05% margin which is questionable. But then, Mr. Choi is firm in going through with this business. Even if Mr. Oh asked him to be responsible for whatever outcome this business will make.

As their team progressed on pursuing this business, team from headquarters suddenly appeared. Apparently, they got a tip off about rumors spreading quite fast in China market about the company's form of business through connections. The market had been aware about the particular solar power business and how team 3 has investigated Poshin and it's common practice in trade business. It was all because of Geu Rae and Mr. Seok's conversation on the phone that he recorded. It was a uneasy conversation between two parties that somehow made Mr. Seok's conscience led him to tell headquarters to investigate if there is bad dealings regarding the project.

At the end of the day, there was no clear evidence. At the end of the day, the company had to transfer Mr. Choi to another department, leaving Sales Team 3 intact. But then, the damage has been done. What Gue Rae had started, the whole company became recipient of rejection after rejection from China market. Other teams suffered loss. And they blamed it all on team 3. 

Some had written on boards about Mr. Oh taking responsibility. It was a tough moment for the team. Geu Rae felt so guilty about what happened. If only he looked away, kept silent, then perhaps, every thing would come to pass without a hitch. His friends were all worried for their team. Mr. Oh decided it was time to resign to spare his team from the angst of other employees. It is so that the team will move forward and start making business again.

It's sad to see Mr. Oh giving up for the sake of Geu Rae. But I also applaud him for making it easy for the rest of the team. He definitely cares for all of them particularly Geu Rae. He saw his ability and he sacrificed his position to make a way for him. Told him to hang on and win. The best part, almost all team were being nice to Geu Rae and acknowledging his capability. Mrs. Sun worked hard to push Geu Rae to be absorbed as full time employee. Suk Yool wrote a heartwarming message on the board. It was a story of how he and Gue Rae started. A story that tells Geu Rae had been chosen not because he had a backer but he passed every presentation he did and that among all the newbies and trainees, he had the toughest time, working hard and leaving late for home. The story of Geu Rae's life at One International for the past two years is nothing but hard work.

Even Baek Ki had helped in compiling evidence on how Geu Rae had helped their team to solve their problems with one of their business projects. An effort that was acknowledged by his boss and supported. But then, it is  not enough. It is not enough that he was first place in the evaluation test given to him. It is  not enough however he tried. Mrs. Sun could not even utter the words of failure. People around him cried for him. It was time to exit.

Life has to move on. But friendships remained. I was overwhelmed by the love Suk Yool has for him. The bromance is really cool. The four kept in touch.

While Mr. Oh started his own business with a former office mate who he once visited and realized that is still unemployed. He made his former head chief department [the lone who resigned because of Mr. Park's case] the CEO of their small business. Little by little, they are surviving and because they knew who to contact, what projects to start, again, they become busy as tradesmen.

Geu Rae joined the team. A pretty sight to see both he and Mr. Oh are working together again. He won't feel lacking because this time, there will be no issue about educational attainment. He has all the experience working at One International. He had accomplish more than any newbies had in their first year in the company. Now he is free to work without any worries but to learn more from Mr. Oh.

Dong Sik who was left behind with Mr. Chun felt sad. He missed his team members. The drama showed that it is important to be happy in a work place and be with people you are comfortable with. After all they have become family. Dong Sik also joined Mr. Oh's new company. The reunion was beautiful full of happy laughter. A new road has opened for Geu Rae. A road to survive. A road to a complete life they are after. Because unless they survive, life is incomplete. 

Back to first episode in Middle East. The company is working with One International on a business project when the man who once gave the newbies bottles to sell [where every one at the office thought they were fooled] stole the samples they needed for their business. Ge Rae had to capture the man to get the samples. Remember how he run, jumped on high buildings and even got hit by a car just to get the man. Finally, he succeeded in capturing him and getting the information about the lost samples.

The story has come full circle. Geu Rae had adjusted to his new working environment. His skills are being used. And Mr. Oh seems satisfied. I love their working relationship. Not only as sunbae/hoobae, but like father and son.

The drama has successfully shown realistic office scenarios and the troubles between employees. The drama has also developed the friendship between four individuals that have different personalities and backgrounds. The story let the viewers peek at their past and how they handle their own struggles to survive each day. There is no love line but then, it is not needed. 

Misaeng is a drama about life. A drama that left a positive lesson to a viewer. Not to give up hope but to persevere. To fight and stand firm for the truth. A story about camaraderie. A story about loyalty despite difference of opinions. 

For all the tears that this drama got from me, I am very satisfied at how it ended. Mr. Oh and Geu Rae both had overcome the hurdles in their path. It may not be the end, but they are both ready to face whatever life throws at them.


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