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Sunday, May 18, 2014

[mslee's thoughts] Angel Eyes Episode 11 - Dong Joo Proposed To Soo Wan

Am I glad to have decided to watch the live streaming of Angel Eyes tonight. Though there was no translations/sub yet, but somehow, I understood what's going on especially the simple scenes between Dong Joo and Soo Wan. There has been back hug scenes which I already posted and then the episode did not disappoint but rather continue to give the viewers what they want. 

I think the proposal is a bit early in the drama, but who am I to complain. I guess we need this happy moments right now after a lot of tears we shed from episode 1 up until even last episode. We are already halfway and the story has been steady. 

As I understood from these scenes I captured, Dong Joo prepared a special date for Soo Wan. They went ot the observatory where it all began. The place where they knew each other and the place where many chanced meetings happened. The date started fine with a car on standby. Seems Dong Joo has gotten a new car. Then the tree where messages are tied was surrounded by so many candles. It was a perfect sight.

She opened gifts. I am not sure but I wonder about the occasion. [Could be her birthday? hmmm..will edit this one after I watched with sub.lol]

There were couple shirts, and well, naughty Dong Joo, a bra in a box. Love his embarrassed expression! Like a boy caught doing something silly. Then of course followed by him talking, reminiscing their past.

Dong Joo knelt in front of her and proposed. he opened the box with the ring inside. Love story will always be memorable with scenes of proposal of marriage. Soo Wan accepted and pulled Dong Joo up for a tight embraced wearing his ring on her finger.

What ever will be their future, I won't speculate for now. This is the moment. Their moment. This is what matters now. They are engaged.


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