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Monday, September 11, 2017

[mslee's thoughts] GIF The King Loves Part 3 Making Memories...

Making gif I found interesting scenes that ironically seemed to have passed my notice while watching.

These scenes were before So Hwa [San] knew Hancheon as the Crowned Prince. There is an interesting scene where she was talking to Rin aka Soo In. [at first i made gif for won and san #wonsan followers but can't help but insert these scenes because these are truly enlightening]

It was the time Rin \ Soo In gave her the invitation to the dance party. He was supposed to escort her. She hesitated going but because she felt there was no other way to avoid Jeon and the marriage proposal she was very tempted to make memories.

I do hope that you watch the scenes while she conversed with Rin \ Soo In. She was sad and her thoughts were elsewhere..definitely not on him. She was thinking of someone else. It seems that she knew 

"where Soo In is Hancheon would be there as well."

This was revealed when she came escorted by Rin\Soo In but she let Hancheon dragged her towards him and left Soo In at the sides. Why was it so easy to leave Soo In by himself when she has not known yet that he is Rin and Hancheon is not the CP?

In her eyes both are equal civilians but somehow she is okay with the thought of Hancheon dragging her here and there even if Soo In was there.

Her memories she would be making are with the one she was thinking of while talking to Soo In the night before.


Hancheon looking at So Hwa's departing back with a smile. 

So Hwa was asking help from her father. Because of her Soo In was imprisoned. What's interesting is that she knew as early as this episode that Jeon is involved!

Again she was very concerned for the Crowned Prince not knowing it was Hancheon. It is because she does not want to be involved in this kind of intrigue that might endanger someone's lfe. Her guilt towards her mother's death is buried inside her heart and she could not let it go.

Soo In who helped her was making her guilty big time.
she said that she is grateful\thankful but also worried.

She is GRATEFUL for what he had done to her. 
her guilt made her worry for him.

Won who was always misunderstood by some viewers definitely missed this part where he knew Jeon was implicated in killing the King.. well not really but shooting with an arrow that would soon implicate Won. Kind of frustrated murder.
But he was merciful to the family and did not do anything to harm them.

This is Won. He can negotiate and can let this go even if it tainted him as a person in the eyes of the people around him as being greedy enough to kill his own father!

Another revelation that was not quite fleshed out.

His instinct as a father was right.
Soo In must have had something in mind to let himself be imprisoned and help So Hwa. I think it was because Jeon his brother is in cahoots with Song In's.

and I do wonder why he did not pursue that instinct.

I don't understand why he still trusts Rin's family with his daughter in the latter part of the drama
He must have known.. or didn't he?

In this scene Soo In did not say Hancheon's name but both understood whom he was talking about. I doubt he was referring to the "Crowned Prince" himself who at the time was not yet revealed to her.

Or a slip of the tongue knowing Hancheon is CP?
But So Hwa clearly thought he was speaking of Hancheon.

Rin was exactly not forcing her to come. He can tell Hancheon she does not want to go.

But she changed her mind.


she was sad thinking this was the last time she could do anything before the wedding

her face

this is the look of a woman thinking of her sad future and at the same time another person not in front of her.

as if she was engrossed with her own thoughts about someone else

After deciding she looked up to him...
this was a way of saying I have come to a decision so yes let us go.

Simply telling him her thoughts.

And Rin knew then...WHO made her decide to go.

Both already knew she was preparing to marry Jeon here.
San really likes to make memories.
Her averted eyes clearly say she is thinking about someone other than the man in front of her.

This is what I am referring to above.
She was escorted by Rin.
But upon arriving she let Hancheon dragged her towards him leaving Rin at the background a few steps away.

She is still in the dark of the real identity of these two!

Why Not drag Rin also to their side?
It was like it is only but natural that when Hancheon is there she must be there by his side.
As if they are a couple!

She is not even missing Rin's presence as she continue to banter and make memories with Hancheon.

If this is not what a couple looks like...

I don't know what is?

She could refuse to have anything to do with Hancheon but she did not.
She always.. always let him.

And they walked away together leaving Rin looking at their back.

Who is it that she wants to make memories with?
Who is it that she was thinking of the night before to do something with for the last time?



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