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Friday, September 15, 2017

[mslee’s thoughts] Falsify – Burying the Truth

This is just overall thoughts on the drama…

Who needs romance when Falsify aka Distorted is a drama that brings more excitement putting viewers on suspense every week. A drama that managed to gather veteran actors and actresses in one great plot of conspiracy and corruption. A drama that seeks the truth albeit the dangers that might befall the seeker. A drama that could be happening for real. But then people like us are too much occupied with our own daily lives and struggles that such happenings escape our notice. Yes, for we have faith in media to bring in honest information. We have trust in the institution or bureaucracy that promised to protect people and not suspect otherwise.

Falsify is a great drama that shows media can also be a tool for secrecy that buries truth in a subtle way that is so easy to overlook at. Journalist who started idealistic could be a target of manipulations and maneuvering without realizing that he \ she already succumbed to the temptations offered at the sidelines. The drama shows the politics inside a media company where the Director is the one who has the final say even if it disregards the efforts of his subordinates. To be stubborn and opposing the higher officers can be someone else’s downfall as a journalist leaving the opportunist and ambitious an open invitation to take the place of that someone who has stood his ground but lost it.

Then there are institutions that has been there ever since. Some are hospitals some are disguised as civic foundations that look after the welfare of citizens that somehow escape the notice of the government. And there is the government which provides security for the community to be safe.

But what if these organizations suddenly get together in a cover up and plan something unbelievable? Something that each will benefit from. One common ground for them is to hide, to bury, to falsify something in exchange for their greed. Isn’t it scary to be a part of these conspiracy? Life is at stake and once you enter in an agreement and covering up there is no way you can get out of your own free will.

This is the story of Falsify…
Media, prosecutors and police conspired to hide a disturbing project disguised as helping children in a foundation that leads to the death of these same children through fire. But the redeeming point of the story, the good prosecutor, police and media are also the ones that hold hands in revealing the truth, defeating the corrupt. But of course, what they expose was only the tip of the iceberg. Corruption is scattered in the higher ups and these elders have no faces. It will take years to clean the bureaucracy and people who help in manipulation and corruption.

But for our heroes like Moo Young, Seo Min and Kwon So Ra this only the start of their battle.
Thumbs up for the plot development and that open ending finale of the drama. Satisfaction can not be grasped but there is closure in the end seeking the truth and justice that has been denied.


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