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Friday, March 6, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] Kill Me Heal Me Episode 15 Screen caps Review

This is another late post. But I still have to share some thoughts in each episode. Every episode is a revelation.

Even if the past was a conspiracy that adults tried to bury, there's no guarantee that it will stay hidden forever.

I want to give Do Hyun's mother the benefit of the doubt, but it seems that she has her own greed that she is willing to hide the existence of Ri Jin. Snippets of the past are slowly surfacing in Ri Jin's mind. They are there yet elusive. But remembering them pains her to the point of being scared although she has not yet fully recovered every bit of those past.

Do Hyun suffered from the hands of the abductors. He has somehow realized that Ri Jin was the same girl in his memories. He felt so sorry for her he never knew where to start.  He had to be taken to the hospital after badly beaten. What's positive in this situation is that he was able to get hold of himself and not permit any personalities to get involved, particularly Shin Se Gi. This is the right time to deal with all these bad memories that he has been avoiding, resulting to partial loss of memory and the creation of multiple personalities within him.

Now more than ever, Do Hyun is sure that Ri Jin is and possibly a Seunjin heir and the daughter of the  mother stated in his registry. As far as Do Hyun's memories, some are still vague and needs answers and clarifications. He can't let Ri Jin suffer knowing the whole truth because it will break her heart even more. He decided to keep what he knew. They could even be siblings.

Cha Ki Joon and Chae Yoon called off the engagement. She was confused by Se Gi's actions. She now wants to be with Cha Do Hyun. I can't blame her but then, she is one confused and fickle minded woman. I think she suits Ki Joon  and I think his feelings for her are real. Business side of the engagement is just a bonus.

Ri On learned who kidnapped Ri Jin. He sought Do Hyun at the hospital and vent his anger on him. He has already told Se Gi that he can never be with Ri Jin. 

Ri On is so protective of Ri Jin that he wants her out of Do Hyun's life. He wants to spare her of the truth that will make her suffer.

I have guessed that the child was not her husband's [Do Hyun's father]. The time when Do Hyun and his father came to the residence, was the first time he met the girl and his grandmother. I think the abuse was the result of hatred of Do Hyun's father to his wife bringing home her daughter. It made him her the girl.

After knowing that Ri Jin is a part of his sad and traumatic past, that Ri Jin is possibly a relative, Do Hyun will take the initiative to let her go. But first he asked a favor to Ri On to let him give back something to Ri Jin because all these time, she has been the one giving him everything.

A day with him is all he asked and he is ready to let go and walk away. It's saddening to know that these two are broken inside because of their past. All along I thought he was the one being abused but then it was Ri Jin, the little girl in the basement. Just knowing a child was being held isolated at a dark room in one corner of a house was enough to put shivers and fear to anyone. It's cruel how the people at Do Hyun's household got away with this crime, continue to live normal lives and forget those days never existed at all.

It's no wonder Do Hyun became the casualty of these tragedy. The boy who shouldered all the hard evidence and sufferings of the little girl.

It's heart wrenching. Do Hyun's guilt is so enormous that he would not be able to face Ri Jin when the time comes she finally uncover her own past.

I am amazed at the development and twist of this drama. Seriously, the writer has come up with a complex story that is so compelling and riveting it grabs your inner soul. One can associate with Do Hyun's and Ri Jin's miserable past. Their struggle to breathe as they tried to reveal what's hidden are making viewers like me feel the despair and anguish they too are feeling.

Awesome! These characters are all amazing.


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