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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] The Legendary Witch Episode 38 Screen caps Review

Woo Seok went with the Prosecutors team to be investigated. Joo Hee saw him being escorted. She asked Woo Seok but he told her to ask his father. Do Hyun also met Woo Seok at the lobby. He was suddenly curious and confused how Woo Seok was charged with embezzlement.

Do Hyun met with Aeng Ran. He begged her to tell the truth. She was concerned if he would be able to take what she was going to tell but he insisted. Do Hyun could not believe his father was that cruel, a murderer and manipulator of innocent people. His head ached but he told Aeng Ran he was okay.

Soo In was shocked to know that Woo Seok was being charged the same thing she had gone through. She went to confront Chairman Ma even if he was in a meeting. Chairman Ma called his secretaries and ordered them to drag her outside. Do Hyun saw her and asked them to let her go.

She begged Do Hyun to help Woo Seok. She even got down on her knees which made Do Hyun flustered at how she was acting. He realized she really loves the other man. It pained him to see her that way and tell him she would do anything for Woo Seok. He asked if she would come back to him. She looked at him, weighing his words.

Do Hyun cried in his mother's arms. He was so disappointed with his father. He already talked with Chairman Ma but he would never change his mind and never admit to his wrong doings. He told his mother that he now understand how she lost her sanity while living with her husband. Chairman Ma was at the door, looking at Do Hyun and hearing his words.

Woo Seok was released temporarily. He met Soo In outside the Prosecutors building. They talked. She was so sorry and crying at the same time. She went with him to SHINHWA. At the entrance, they embraced. Do Hyun who just arrived saw them.

Do Hyun called the man who manipulated the paper works. The man confessed about how he did the same thing to Soo In. Do Hyun asked for the documents. Do Hyun went to the prosecutors office with the documents. Do Hyun confessed about the embezzlement and the slush funds. While being investigated, he collapsed.

Do Hyun is really a upright man. So different to his father. He may be jealous of Woo Seok and wants his wife to be back by his side, but he is not a man to do evil things like his father. He is ashamed of his family's secrets that will soon be revealed publicly.

This is a fast twist of the story. But even if Do Hyun owned the crime, the justice Woo Seok is seeking will continue. His lawyer already applied for a re trial.

On a lighter side of the episode, Poong Geum and Mr Tak got married. Young Wok followed them to a studio where they were going to shoot their wedding photo. She could not let them just be so she officiated the wedding and even gave back the ring she bought to Poong Geum realizing it was the engagement ring Mr. Tak gave. Then she also gave another ring for the groom to wear. They had a fun wedding photo shoot.

Do Jin, Seo Mi O and their child ate with Aeng Ran. Art last, Aeng Ran accepted Mi O as Do Jin's wife. They, too take a picture together. Mi O is slowly being recognized as the tv ad model.

One family got reunited. I wonder what will happen to Ma family? How will they receive their own brand of punishment for the schemes they did  and still doing to Soo In?


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