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Sunday, March 1, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] Shine or Go Crazy Episode 11 Screen caps Review

Another late post. Mianhae.

So what happened in this episode? Well, Both had already discovered each secrets and it was only a matter of time till one of them revealed what they knew. It was Wang So who played with Shin Yool first, asking to meet Gaebong when Shin Yool was dressed as a girl, then asking for Gaebong in her presence. She had to ran and changed into a man's clothes to meet Wang So then of course, he was really testing her, so he then finally asked her why she hid her identity. Now the truth is out in the open, there was no hindrance to succumb to their feelings. 

First kiss happened. Then it was repeated. The old woman who is so against Wang So at first was a bit suspicious, asking Shin Yool if Wang So has not yet discovered her identity. She had to lie. Inside the bath house, she and Wang So shared passionate kisses. Finally, their repressed emotions are now being expressed.

The unspoken relationship starter between them. They just take it one at a time. No conversations pertaining to how and what they are currently. The feelings are mutual and that the are both assuming that love is what binds them.

Before this happened, Prince Wang Wook who gave Shin Yool a tight hug from previous episode told her clearly he is not giving up on her. He will just be away fro awhile and come back to her. He knew her heart lies towards Wang So but it does not matter to him. 

Wang Wook and Wang So confronted each other about Shin Yool. Why Wang Wook hid the identity of Gaebong to him. Wang Wook confidently told Wang So that he likes Shin Yool and plans on becoming his man. But Wang So replied that Shin Yool is already his woman and he will not allow him to take any more of his people from him. At this point, a battle has began between these two brothers. Not only about Shin Yool but other things that involve the Royalty and the politics within. Wang So has been vocal of his support to the current King and he knew that Wang Wook coveted the seat and has a tie with Sik Ryeom. He also discovered that Wang Wook's style in fighting came from a man who was possibly one of the assassins during his father's time. 

This episode also showed that the Mother Queen is ready to meet with Wang So. She realized that she had been mistaken about Wang So all this time. She wanted to make up whatever wrong she did to her son. It is not too late to be a mother to him. She asked Shin Yool to let her choose a gift for Wang So. Shin Yool suggested a particular tea, pearl tea, because it symbolizes tears and forgiveness.

The sad part was that in the latter part of the episode, when Wang So received a summon from his mother, he was skeptical to join the Queen, but because he was told she has been waiting for him, he arrived. Not anticipating that Sik Ryeom was in the present also in her room, Wang So greeted his uncle and his mother. The Queen was put in a dilemma. She is not ready to reveal her thoughts to Sik Ryeom and how she feels disgusted by his schemes. She had no other option but to say strong words towards Wang So which she usually does. Without warmth and love. He was told to leave the room. I pity Wang So for this misunderstanding he has with the situation. He again felt the pains of being bereft of a mother's love.

In this episode Wang So heard from Shin Yool's brother who was by then drunk that she has been looking for a man the last five years and the reason she went to the capital. Wang So was intrigued by that information that he asked Shin Yool about it but she evaded to answer. He still does not know he is the man they are referring to.

It's also interesting that from a flashback Se Won and Yeo Won really had a relationship and she seemed  so in love with him. What happened between them should be heartbreaking knowing Yeo Won was kind of naive back then and perhaps not greedy on becoming the next Queen. I think having her married off to Wang So and at the same time making alliance with Sik Ryeom made her turn her back on Se Won. Anyway, I don't see there would be marriage between them because they are separated by social class that wold never permit a Princes like her marry someone like Se Won.

Ye Won's ambition has made her look towards her husband who she finds capable now after the fight. She realized that staying with him will and probably control him will make her plans for the future more feasible. She has to take care of Shin Yool now to make it clear that she can't come between her and Wang So. Shin Yool's brother in his drunken state [as he was drugged purposely] had given information about the marriage that took place in Gaebong between Wang So and Shin Yool. This piece of information has made Ye Won pass a strong message to Shin Yool by slashing the embellishment on Wang So's clothes that he used during the fight. Shin Yool saw the ripped part of the clothes and knew the message behind it.


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