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Monday, March 2, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] WGM #JjongAh Cut Episode 39 Screen caps and GIF Part 1

JjongAh Trip To Nami Island

This episode is yet another awesome journey for our couple. They started their ride on a beautiful day. They were going to Nami island. Inside the car, Jjong suddenly reached at the back and got a paper bag. He showed it to Ah Young who was surprised to see so many snacks inside. They started eating. What's natural was for Jjong who already had his own biscuit still waited for Ah Young to choose her own and curious enough what it was to lean over her to be fed of course by her sweet Ah Young.

These two have become more natural as they continue their virtual marriage. There are still awkward moments but I think those were missions that's why most often on Jjong's side the task becomes hard. 

While driving Ah Young suddenly came up with a cute song. She changed the lyrics to Jjong loves Ah Young. Childlike wife taught husband the song and he followed like a good student not even protesting which he would have done in the earlier episodes because it was too cheezy. But no, he was also enjoying himself as he replied to Ah Young's song..."sarangahe" everytime. Ah, this two are really adorable together. 

Look at the way Jjong was laughing heartily at Ah young's cuteness! This moment was really fun and just worthy of spazzing. I bet he would not be able to forget this side of Ah Young and how she always makes him laugh. More than intimacy between them from skinships, I think her company during the time he spent with her is enough to make him remember all the things she had done after WGM ends...which of course already did as far as official statements had been made.

This girl is so full of aegyo and no one can resist her, not her fans, and definitely not her husband Jjong!

She continued to make faces as she captured herself  with the hand camera while Jjong laughed by her side. She talked about how Jjong was more comfortable with just the two of them and without cameras around. 

Isn't she enchanting?

Jjong has surely put aside his reservations. I think Ah Young has been successful in getting rid of half of his shyness already. He is acting just as childlike as she is with his lips kissing his finger. Ah Young soon followed her husband's actions also kissing the back of her hands. Hmm...a prelude to what's coming in Nami?

Got to be impressed of Jjong here. He brought couple mittens for them. Actually, Ah Young did not anticipate this action. This was a good skinship for them because they got to hold hands inside the mittens. Safe to say that this makes him comfortable, knowing they were holding hands but hey, it was sort of hidden from the camera, right? He has always had issues of skinships in front of people to see just when he hid her hands under the table inside their home, remember.  Jjong is not afraid of skinship, he is just shy and I think a private person when it comes to public display of affection.

They were going to ride a zip line. the adventurous couple is preparing themselves for the ride. Jjong followed up the mittens with helping her naturally with her jacket zipper and then giving her one of his scarf and putting it on for her.

He acted like there was no camera around. He acted like her real husband. And look at Ah young being quiet without a fuss. As I pointed many times, she was always the one rattled when Jjong suddenly becomes sweet towards her.

This is how Jjong is since episode 1. The difference is that as the program progress for them, he becomes comfortable and natural. But this is a quality that has always been there and shippers like me has seen this many times.

Who would have thought Jjong would be this playful after watching episode 1? Look how he becomes the mirror of his wife Ah Young?

His cheerfulness has been revealed.

The ride... the wind was cold. Their eyes teared up because of strong winds. Ah Young was scared but did not show it. Jjong was always looking at her, somehow afraid for her, 


Her legs gave after the ride. She was telling Jjong about it while he simply laugh it off. But then he was just as worried for her.


Look at Ah Young. He was already waiting for her when she landed. He knew that she must have been scared.

In his interview, he told how he only could say Ah Young during his ride. I think his concern somehow tangled with his satisfaction with the zip line ride. Because they were apart that time and it was but natural to worry.

They found their photos and laughed about them. First part of the journey was completed. All moments were amazing. 

As a viewer I have to say that they had an enjoyable ride in the car up to riding the zip line. There was no awkwardness. Little things they did for each other were all endearing.

There are more screen caps below from the moment this episode started. Part 2 will be posted later. For now this is


sharing thoughts and short recap of this episode 39 cut of JjongAh couple. Nami Island next.

more screen caps

More detailed captures of their moments. Click on the photos for a bigger screen caps

feeding time with the snacks he brought

 interviews about the sarangahe song

Jjong TV

Fight inside the car... she won't spend Spring with him...[hmmm]

Finger/hand kissing

Mittens and holding hands


More cuteness as they filled up the form for Zip Line ride.

Jjong taking care of Ah Young

After the ride

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