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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] The Legendary Witch Episode 37 Screen caps Review


Love triangle starts for Do Hyun, Soo In and Woo Seok. Do Hyun is clinging to his wife even if he knew she has already someone in her heart. He is using everything to gain her back. The family registry has been restored, thus making Soo In as his legal wife once again. Woo Seok is not even intimidated by it and told Do Hyun it was just a piece of paper. Do Hyun saw the ring Woo Seok gave her in a necklace she wore. He thought she got rid of it. He got angry. But Soo In does not care. She went to the bakery crying when Woo Seok saw her and asked her why. He embraced her showing her he would always be by her side. Do Hyun saw them.

There was a party for Do Hyun's come back and Chairman Ma's birthday. Soo In was fetched by Do Hyun's driver. She was given a dress to wear at a party. She could not say no even if she wanted to because she had agreed to give Do Hyun a chance within 100 days.

At the party Woo Seok saw her with Do Hyun. Joo Hee was smiling maliciously. Woo Seok left. Soo In wanted to follow but Do Hyun did not let her. She instead let herself get drunk. Both Joo Hee and Joo Ran made her almost lose her grip. 

Do Hyun did not let her go home but instead brought her to the hotel after hearing her mumble about how sorry she was to Woo Seok. She was so drunk she was asleep the while night, while Woo Seok waited at the bakery.

Next morning, she woke up feeling dizzy and disoriented. She was upset towards Do Hyun who never took her back home. She told him he is acting like his father and that she does not want to wait anymore. She ended tings with him right there and then. She left.

At the bakery, Woo Seok was baking. She tried to explain but seemed that Woo Seok was tired of hearing her explanations. He left.

Chairman Ma has done again what he did to Soo In. The slush fund he set aside coming from Woo Seok's office has been tipped off to the investigators for fraud. Chairman Ma ordered his employee to make it all appear as if Woo Seok did the hiding of the money.

Woo Seok saw his drawer open. He lifted out a folder with documents and read. he has not seen those documents. Just at that moment, the investigating team arrived with a warrant for search and seizure. Woo Seok was dumbfounded to have been accused of embezzlement.

Meanwhile, Poong Geum is pregnant. She was so mad at Mr. Tak but he proposed to her. Well, after all the bickering, the two ended together. Woo Seok's mother Bok Nyeo looked at Soo In accusingly when she heard that she stayed the night with Do Hyun. Joo Ran maliciously and gladly relate the incident. It was as if Soo In betrayed Bok Nyeo and her son.

I love the scene where Poong Geum told Do Hyun how he is clinging to Soo In. She stressed the fact that his family made Soo In's life miserable even after she was released from prison. She also added that Soo In found a decent man who made her happy. These are all enlightening but Do Hyun was not understanding what he heard. He even felt annoyed that these people at the bakery considered themselves family of Soo In.

I think the drama would soon expose the schemes of Chairman Ma and I think Do Hyun would find out about it.


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