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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] WGM #JJongAh Cut Episode 39 Screen caps and GIF Part 2 + Preview

Although  this is 3 days late, I think every screen caps and gif I made were all worth it!

This is part 2 of my post for episode 39, Nami Island Trip. After riding the zip line they were at Nami island, at last. First activity was riding a couple bike. This has always been a romantic scene in their  almost every k-drama that I watched. Either both have their own bikes, one is tutoring the other how to ride a bike or like this, sharing a couple bike as they enjoy the sceneries.

Ah Young asked her husband to ride in the front. I think Ah Young wants to make it memorable for them with her playfulness and her sweet actions towards Jjong. She teased him about butt poking, while Jjong went off the road to rougher surface. Ah Young tried to stand up and out her arms on his shoulders. She put her arms on his waist. Every little things were visually that of what a couple should be to each other. And this couple was surely enjoying the moment.

After the ride they held hands again while singing the "saranghae" song. Jjong was not even being difficult about it, but really singing his part of the song. Who would have thought I would see him like this if I based my guess on episode 1? So much has changed and I think this is a positive change that Ah Young has done for him.

Love how thier hand were clasped inside that mittens.

The cuteness never stops. Something went inside his eyes. Ah Young blew on his eyes. At first try, he joked about nurunji. It was a running joke for them. They never fail to make every second fun for them. She blew again on his eyes, this time he acted hurt exaggeratedly. Jjong as of now knew how to work his cuteness in front of Ah Young. He is not shy anymore to play with her or tease her endlessly. Sometimes during the earlier part of the program, he would never start pranks with her. He would let her do all the cute stuffs and just laughed, but now, he is different.

Even going to the restroom, he dragged Ah Young mischievously. It seemed that she was ready to go but at the door she somehow pulled back his hand holding her. Oh yes, someone must be inside. Even Jjong had to turn back and told her to wait, telling her to be silent as he entered the rest room.

These two are becoming so nsync with their actions. They are complimenting each other with their jokes and playfulness.

This was a bit intimate watching the animals and talking about mating. I smiled how the moment did not made them awkward about it. Ah Young even told him to spread his arms and act like the peacock spreading his wings.

JjongAh TV continue.

Ah Young sang as she filmed her husband Jjong. As she mentioned his eyes, nose, lips and even fingers that touched her through the song...well, it was a love song that was about intimacy.

Jjong then filmed her wife and look how she threw kisses at the camera. Jjong must have loved those moments. How did it feel filming her luscious lips? Ah..crazy thoughts here but Jjong muyst have had some too that moment.


Pretend to be mad at her.

The remote control broke, while Ah Young was holding it. His face was shocked for a bit but he pretended to be mad. I know he must be disappointed only but he kept on playing mad silently as Ah Young circled on him, trying to make him smile.

Of course, he would not be immune to her. She is just enchanting.

He was controlling his smiles. Maybe he liked that she was fussing over him. The comfortable way she put her arms around him as she followed him.

The moment of truce came.

She had to act a a dual personality A parody of Kill Me Heal Me.

Jjong made the scenes and directed her. His enthusiasm at filming her was so evident. He was savoring each second.

Winter Sonata Parody

It took him several attempts to complete the scene. I just love this moment. There was no awkwardness. Jjong was just too shy [as usual] to kiss her. Well, cameras were rolling in front of them. This is not the same when he kissed her inside the car.

He easily put his arms around her as they sat closer. None of the hesitations he usually has. Ah Young told him to just make it normal scenes.  He was getting his courage to kiss her, thus tried to come closer but at the last minute stopped.

Ah Young understood Jjong. She knew he is a private person when it comes to intimacy. That's why she gave him courage as she kissed him first to let him know, it is okay and easy and fun.

And so when he called her name, with helpless smiles plastered on his face, he leaned over her and kissed her cheeks soundly.

The teasing continues. They wrote their names on the table, marking another memory that witnessed what happened in this trip. This may be pretend but the feelings of this moment are all real.

He teased her about her  mistake in writing his name, as Yonsama [BYJ] his way of cute jealousy. He then paired his name on the lead character of WS and Ah Young immediately showed her jealousy by saying to find that other girl and kiss her instead.

He laughed at that curt remark and patted her as if to say he was just joking. The joke backfired on him. How he liked teasing her.

Everything that happened in this trip was special. It showed their closeness in the most natural way. It is sad that next week or this Saturday will be their last episode. I see sadness in Ah Young's eyes in the interview. Maybe it was an abrupt cut which they had received on the night they filmed in Nami. So this happiness I see were all real. Not a tinge of foreboding ending, yet.


I guess, JjongAh will have a romantic exit. I have to be satisfied with what hey have to offer in the final episode.

I made a lot of screen caps to capture almost every second of the show. There are captions and some interview screen caps.  Photos below are more detailed. 

pls give credit to this blog when taking out photos or gifs



[click the photos for bigger views]

[final episode]

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