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Monday, March 2, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] SPY Episode 13 Screen caps Review


Sun Woo pointed a gun at Gi Chul but then his mother was also held captive by Gi Chul's men outside. If the hard drive's password were to be cracked open by his father and he handed it to Gi Chul, he promised he would release his mother. 

Yoon Jin decided to stay with Sun Woo even after he told her to go. She called Gi Chul and he told her to stay by Sun Woo until the hard drive was delivered to him. But then, Yoon Jin's decision not to go anywhere for the time being was her own choice although she denied it to Sun Woo. She made her believe it was all because she was ordered, but then Sun Woo told her that out of all the lies between them, he felt that this reason was also a lie.

Hyun Tae helped Sun Woo when he was cornered by NIS agents during the time he got his sister. Hyun Tae told him afterwards not to get caught because they have a lot to talk to. Sun Woo's tip off about the supervisor Hyun Tae has been trying to capture was a revelation how Song Joong Hyuk has been deceiving Hyun Tae all along. Joong Hyun killed by accident the supervisor when he was trying to find out the password of the hard drive by injecting him something. 

The hard drive was opened by Sun Woo's father. They saw that it was about a bank account in Macau with a lot of money. Gi Chul had told Yoon Jin that he would use the money to help others transfer safely. If it was true only Gi Chul knows. His team were getting suspicious of him if he will truly abide by his promise about the money.

NIS is searching for Sun Woo and his family. They were ordered to search their house, fortunately, the woman colleague was with the team and when she found out the letter of Sun Woo's mother about being a spy, she did not reveal it. She told her sunbae, Hyun Tae about it. He advised her not to tell Joong Hyuk.

Sun Woo was going to meet Joong Hyuk. The safest place was Joong Hyuk's house. He told Yoon Jin to bring the hard drive to Gi Chul if he did not come back.


Some thoughts on this episode...

I think the pace got slow here. There are some lapses in the story. How Sun Woo got away when NIS was inside his father's office building seemed so easy with Yoon Jin at his side. And even Gi Chul and his team got away, too.

Scenes with Sun Woo and Yoon Jin was a bit lacking in desired emotions, or was it how they delivered the lines? Previous episodes, I have no complaints but I think the strength of the story was somehow weak in this episode.

Will look forward to episode 14.


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