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Monday, March 2, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] Shine Or Go Crazy Episode 12 Screen caps Review

Highlight of this episode...

Wang So felt that his wife Yeo Won is now holding on to him. He saw that his clothes that Shin Yool made was not in his room anymore after coming back from his mother's place. He clearly told Yeo Won not to take anything from him, either things or his people. A warning or a message that says he is not someone Yeo Won can play with to get her goal.

Meanwhile Wang Wook went to see Sik Ryeom and asked him to meet with the men in red clothes, the ones he saw at the temple. He wants to be their leader form now on. This shows that Wang Wook is getting fiercer. He is becoming scarier with his greed. 

What happened in Wang Wook's first love was too painful and I could understand him. The woman he loved, he married without Royal's blessings. It ended tragically for the woman. This is what I understand of the story. But I also remember that the same woman became his father's woman that's why he accused Wang So of being like their father when he too likes Shi Yool despite knowing he, Wang Wook feels the same way. If a marriage is not blessed, then the two involved could die.

Sik Ryeom and Wang Wook are both pursuing with the building of the castle in the West despite the King not supporting it. Sik Ryeom plans on taking Chunghae Trading, particularly Shin Yool on his side but Wang Wook stepped in saying he would do it instead.

As a merchant or businesswoman, Shin Yool is interested on the profits that will be gained in this venture that's why she prepared some documents or analysis already to bid for the project. She has the funding they will need, the materials and the manpower to go on with the project. Ironically, what Wang Wook and Sik Ryeom want from her is lower margin of profit for they can handle the funding. They want her supply of materials only. Shin Yool argued that in the long run they would fail because there would be no profits left but what shocked her was Wang Wook's answer. He said that she has wrong calculations because people who will partake in the project will assume to be doing their job as the citizens of the country, meaning labor will be free, that's why, profits will not suffer.

I think at this point, Shin Yool saw another side of Wang Wook and that is the cruel side of an ambitious Prince. Very different to the warm hearted Wang So who she had come with to the place where she donated medicine to the sick people. What she feels towards these people reflected in the eyes of Wang So.

In this journey, they became closer. They shared another passionate kiss and the unspoken feelings are mutual. After a day's outing with him, coming back to Chunghae and parting ways was not what they wanted. So he sneaked in inside her room but disrupted by her ahjumma, the one who was always suspicious of Wang So. Wang So hid under a table as Shin Yool tried to dismiss the older woman saying she was tired.

In this episode, finally the Queen and Wang So met again alone this time. For the first time she served him tea which made him cry. This was the first time he felt a mother's caring. The Queen apologized for all her past wrong doings towards him. This reconciliation was so heartwarming. Both finally settled their feelings towards each other. A new beginning for the both of them.

But also a new phase that gave his mother the right to meddle in his marriage. She now wants to have a grandchild. She asked for a good date for the couple to sleep together. Wang So and Yeo Won were called by the Queen to discuss the coming "wedding night" they had never yet fulfilled. Wang So could not even voiced out clearly his negative thoughts about it simply because he just reunited with his mother.

Shin Yool was visited by Wang Wook. This was where she learned about his past and what happened to the woman he loved. He also told her about the fate of going through a marriage without Royal blessings. Shin Yool cried her heart out inside her room while clutching her wedding dress, the red one. She thought she was alone but Wang So was there, hiding to surprise her. But seeing her crying and wondering then somehow getting the whole idea after seeing her red dress, it was like he was thrown back to Gaebong 5 years ago and realizing it was him whom she has been waiting and searching for. This woman was the one he married that fateful day. And the way she was crying now, it seemed that she found out what would happen if their marriage would be known publicly. Both their lives would be in danger.

She was about to throw them but he called her saying something about memories that could never be thrown away. He embraced her. That moment, even though they did not speak, they knew what that moment was all about. It connected to their past and now, it seemed that they have to part ways. He walked away from her. Both were sad, hearts aching.

Of course, they have yet to hear that Shin Yool's brother had told someone about the marriage and that Yeo Won had already known about it.

The "consummation" night came. Wang So and Yeo Won were both readied by their servants. Yeo Won was looking forward to it because it means her grip on Wang So will be tightened with a possible child in the future. Wang So on the other hand looked like he was going to a funeral. He was so serious and looked defeated.

The hard part, Shin Yool had been informed of this event between Wang So and Yeo Won. While Wang So entered Yeo Won's room, Shin Yool was trying to be happy with her family at home.

I think from this moment onwards, the story will shift to the fight between Wang Wook and Wang So. I am skeptical if Wang So would really sleep with his wife but if he will, I think he would make it clear that it was only his duty and nothing more. He is not going to be on her side or even making alliances with her. This is to protect Shin Yool. 

I think the marriage between Wang So and Shin Yool would be known and used to control Wang So. but I hope that this too would make the Eunach realized that the shining light came for Shin Yool and not Yeo Won. To fulfill the prophesy of Wang So being a great King, it is Shin Yool that should be by his side.

I think Shin Yool is not a weak character so she will be able to fight her own battles particularly the strong underhand tactics of Sik Ryeom and Wang Wook concerning her business. 

Not really know the factual sides of the story but since the characters I believe were from historic events, there must be a happy ending for this.

This is going to be good versus bad. Who will be triumphant in the end?


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