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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

[Secret] For Bae Soo Bin Fans - Gathering Messages For BSB

This is about the success of Secret, latest drama from KBS in which Bae Soo Bin takes the antagonist role. Everyone who is watching Secret knows how BSB has been giving his character a very outstanding performance. Not only him but everyone involved.

As a follower of the drama, personally, I give a lot of weight on the writer's excellent writing and the director's deep understanding of how to make it visually exciting. And of course we see it converting to a very good performance of the actors. I admit that BSB has been very consistent in delivering his share as the perfect villain in the drama. He not only portrayed the role with depth, he engaged viewers to feel his character, either to hate or understand him and that for me is one great job. 

So...for fans out there of Secret and of BSB, a fan of BSB has been compiling messages for him.

pls take time to write and hope it will be added to the file at the end of this week. so short notice but worth trying.:))


credit: @cynkdf/soompi

Logicalsong over at BSB's thread is compiling messages for BSB in the form of a letter and this will be given to him (or his manager). 

Posted by @Logicalsong on 31 October:

"Hi there 

Secret has now only two weeks left.
So I'll collect the supporting messages by the end of next week, which means we have 10 days of writing and collecting. It shouldn't be necessarilly long (considering I need to translate them even though he's good at English ;p) and plz leave the msg with your name & country, which can make him feel how various overseas fans support him at the moment. "

anyone who wants to be a part of the group messaging pls visit the thread at soompi and you can either PM @Logicalsong or maybe @cnkdf for your letters.

Just an appreciation for BSB and that all his efforts as an actors is greatly noticed.

mslee here is going to join this wonderful opportunity to tell BSB that I have been one of his silent fans.

Secret is soon going to end. Let's support it till the credits rolled up.

soompi link for BSB thread


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