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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

[mslee's thoughts] MHIYD Episode 7 Screen cap and Review

I enjoyed watching this episode. The fun part was delivered and the romantic moments were there, too.  I believe Kim Shin is more sure than ever of how he feels towards Mi Rae. From beginning of the episode to the end, he was affected by Se Joo's presence in her life. The camaraderie between her and SJ is something he can't easily deal with. But definitely, he is attracted. SJ on the other hand was feeling threatened of MR and KS being always together, dampening his moods. Yoo Kyung was a refreshing character in this episode. I do like her and her willingness to play down her emotions, being sensitive to SJ real feelings for MR. I know she wants to develop a relationship with SJ but seeing and hearing him with his own voice how he prefer MR, she was willing to help him confess. She did so in the end, while just standing on the side as SJ gave a bouquet of flowers to MR.

Anyway, she has advantage if she is willing to use it. She saw how SJ felt down when MR ran after KS. She can offer her comfort but she respected his request to be alone. As for MR, she was taken aback with that surprised confession from SJ. She is falling for KS already and when KS suddenly appeared, of course she knew that misunderstanding occurred. I understand if KS was a bit harsh on his words to them, to her. He was hurt. He did not see it coming. And seeing MR holding the flowers was too much for him. And he thought she did it on purpose, make him witness.

Sorry for not recapping the episode. I decided to just enjoy every minute of it and share what I think of it. The moments between KS and SJ are all cute and beautiful it left me smiling the whole time while staring at them on the screen. Even with the ahjumma's consistent disapproval, MR is choosing her own fate and in this episode, clearly leading more on KS. It's just sad that KS can't control his anger and jealousy at the end to the point of making MR cry painfully. Love how she remained sorry for Se Joo and not use him just to save herself from hurt and embarrassment.

I do like SJ but I hope he sees the sincerity of YK and how she respect him and his emotions. She is a carefree one that can bring smiles to him. Another I like about YK is that she doesn't mind if she knew that she was only second choice when she met him on the rooftop. She stayed and that's what matters. She stayed knowing the table was laid out beautifully with MR in mind. With her nonchalant attitude, she didn't mind. She gave her time to SJ.

I love the scene on the first part of the episode. It was so cute and hilarious at the same time.

Fun part: Where to Sit?

When Yoo Kyung arrived her keen eyes narrowed in on the small space between Se Joo and writer Bae. She made it there while seemingly looking at some thing on Bae's shoulder which was really non existent. When Na Mi Rae arrived all three guys invited her to sit with him. Se Joo, Kim Shin and her oppa. MR chose to sit on the far side of the couch away from them three. it surely made me laugh!

Just felt a little irritated once again towards the ahjumma when she planned again on switching the pairing, first telling on YK about KS being her husband and of course telling KS about MR waiting at the bar, which was SJ moment of confession.

I think she was hurting these people in her trying to achieve her own goal. She is not realizing what MR kept saying to herself that she is different from her, naturally, because when the ahjumma began being nosy, MR somehow has her choices now more clear than ever, than when the ahjumma was her age. This, the ahjumma can't still see.

Well... I know next episode will be a good one also. Wishing for  KS and MR misunderstanding to be ironed out.

mslee1107 rambling...:))

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