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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] Producer Episode 7 GIF - Highlights

Taking off from the previous episode where it ended with Seung Chan suddenly giving Ye Jin a comforting hug to ease her emotions that were hurt by Joon Mo, it was a scene that actually showed that Seung Chan is clearly developing strong feelings.

But of course Ye Jin was too slow to notice or even suspect that the rookie PD is into her. I am having mixed feelings in the development of the drama concerning the romantic part. I think I am leaning more towards a Seung Chan/Cindy and Joon Mo/Ye Jin partnership. I maybe one the few viewers who feel that the most suited couple are Ye Jin and Joon Mo maybe because of the memories they both have.

This was where Cindy stepped out of her comfort zone. Finally, she stood up against her CEO and decided to hide, skipping going to her schedules. But her rebellious stint brought her to Seung Chan's car parked besides her car. With her manager busy on the phone she slipped out of the car into Seung Chan's who was then busy talking with Ye Jin. Yup, both got the surprise of their life seeing her at the back sitting comfortably and looking like it was one of those ordinary things she does.

She would not get out of the car even if reasons were thrown at her by Ye Jin. She remained seated not going anywhere. At the end she was deposited at Joon Mo's apartment without the owner's knowing. The three were buying time to tell him. Everyone in the media and in the network had finally heard of Cindy's disappearance. So many speculations were written at the internet but none had suspected that she was just near.

Cindy stayed at the house for about two days. Her CEO had been playing the media feeding them good excuse like she was on vacation, recuperating but the end result made Ye Jin the PD who worked with Cindy as the culprit of the accident she was in. Media is really harsh and netizens were crazy to blame Ye Jin.

I am liking the twist and the courage of Cindy to show her true feelings to Seung Chan whose eyes are only for Ye Jin. Cindy knew. She saw every thing Seung Chan does whenever Ye Jin is there. And it makes her a nobody next to Ye Jin. 

It was her birthday and she tagged along Joon Mo going to an amusement park to check the place for next filming. Joon Mo was against the idea but she insisted. Wearing a cap, to at least disguise herself, Seung Chan pushed the wheelchair she was sitting on. Her feet is still not that healed yet. She had the time to make small conversations with him. 

She even told him about her first meeting with CEO Byun at that amusement park. The time she regretted in her life. It was the reason her time with her parents were cut short and then the accident came. If only she could turn back the time.

But the twist was at the ending. However she felt sad at the place because of the memories it brings back, she made a new memory. She kissed Seung Chan on the lips. Unexpectedly, surprising him, startling him.

I do love the chemistry these two have just as Ye Jin with Joon Mo. But of course, I may be the few of those who wants to work the romance this way. I don't know, maybe I will wait the outcome.

some more gif and thoughts...


Joon Mo knows how to make Ye Jin happy. After all they have history together. He knows what to pull to bring her back to the apartment.

Ye Jin's expensive bag! He baited it to make her return that night.

I can't say I feel sorry for Seung Chan, He knew that Ye Jin feels romantic toward Joon Mo. He tried to butt in but in the end, she runs back.

Cindy was the topic of conversations everywhere.

Trying to deal with the situation. Trying to get along.

With Seung Chan in the middle!

Joon Mo on the verge of discovering Cindy's whereabouts.... :))

LOL. His place suddenly got crowded!

The shock of seeing the popular idol cleaning his bathroom!

But of course, he could not abandon this girl. She needed a break. She needed to rest.

Cindy and Seung Chan moments. This is what makes Cindy treasure this little time she had..with him. Even if unrequited.

Coming to discuss what to tell the public on Cindy's absence.

Getting to see how the other non idol lives. How friendship makes these people laugh.

I like that both Ye Jin and Cindy got crazy whenever they are tipsy or drunk. Too much to handle!

How about these two?
Sexual tension will soon burst! 

Until next episode. Cramming to be updated...

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