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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] Warm and Cozy Episode 10 GIF - Review

How many times will Jung Joo keeps on running to Geun Woo and change her mind about moving on?

From being rumored as the soon to be Mayor's wife to dealing with her restless emotions to Geun Woo and dealing with Ji Won who finally decided to start clinging to Geun Woo, this episode is a roller coaster.


It is clear that Geun Woo does not like it when she is spending time with the Mayor. He is being sarcastic just at the thought of her considering being the wife that he takes her attention and time to be with him. Still, his reasons are not clear but he just wants her to stay beside him.

I think it seems kind of the same with Ji Won, dangling Jung Joo by his side but not really taking the next step to further their relationship.

One of the highlight of this episode is all about the flowers. 

One bunch from the Mayor and one expensive beautiful rose from Geun Woo. Both had the same thought, sincere to make her feel special but the end result is different for each of them. Geun Woo lacks the ability to make her feel his sincerity unlike the Mayor who delivers always at the right time.

Then there was the arrangement to make the Mayor and Jung Joo watch a movie together. 

I feel pity for the Mayor who is becoming entangled in this messy relationship between Jung Joo and Geun Woo. His unrequited love for Jung Joo looks pitiful whenever she leaves him in favor of Geun Woo. It makes him looking foolish but again, his personality is a winner. 

He understood where his place is and never complain even if the only thing he can do is chase with his eyes,Jung Joo walking away with Geun Woo.

This is how the Mayor's heart has been trampled in this episode.  She was there...then she changes her mind. I know she really loves Geun Woo but it is tiring to see her be vulnerable in front of Geun Woo. With the Mayor, it is okay to reveal her hurt feelings because this guy understands her. As in he really knows what it's like because they are in the same situation. 

Sigh... this is a cycle already. I hope the Mayor will never stop being nice to her. Can he find another woman for himself writernims?

There was a cute development between Hae Sil and Jung Geun. 

Finally, she gambled. She let herself be pampered, dressed and made up and spend time with Jung Geun. She even accepted the black pearl necklace. His sweet words makes her forget the difference in the wold where they live in.

But reality would soon caught up with her. Words spoken carelessly by Jung Geun's sister, also Geun Woo's noona hurts and awakened her from a dream. She was even mistaken for a cleaner when she was waiting at Jung Geun's place. She realized that she is out of his league. Money and wealth makes her a nobody when in their territory. She can not compete. She will only look like a beggar.

Geun Woo went to see his mother before the memorial day. That was when Jung Joo realized that he wanted her to be with him but not really asking her and saying the reason. 

There is still mystery surrounding the story of Geun Woo's father and mother. Then a woman appeared with a photo of Jung Joo when she was still a baby. A different set of parents?

Can not grasp clearly the connection so I decided not to think more on the subject and just wait for the revelation. 

At the end of the episode,  Jung Joo realized that Geun Woo is not going to help her deal with her unrequited love but instead will feed on them at his own pleasure even if he has no plans of taking responsibility for her. She realized it is a selfish act on his side to make her love him, like him even though he will go to Ji Won when his chance comes.


Which is actually soon now that Ji Won realized Geun Woo's worth, oh make it net worth. Yes, he is going to be a successor of an uncle who has no child. How is that for a reason to accept Geun Woo finally as a suitable husband!

Time to move on but once again, Geun Woo is pulling the strings. Confusing her. Making her waver. Then what? Is that another mockery at the way he looks at her after the kiss they shared? 

Was this a calculating move on Geun Woo's part? Actually if what this ending is what they seemed as I interpreted it, then it leaves a bad taste in me.

Because I am not feeling the romance and the change of feelings on Geun Woo's part yet. Am I right...or am I right?

Jebal...make me wrong!


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