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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] Producer Episode 8 GIF - Highlights


Cindy just bared her soul to Seung Chan but was met with silence. Well, he was caught off guard and besides, he is attracted to another woman. What could he possibly reply to Cindy's actions? Cindy decided not to hear his reaction. She let it be. Although it made her feel rejected.

The right hand man of CEO Byun knew all along that Cindy was staying with Joon Mo and Ye Jin. He just decided to hid the fact to the CEO. He met with Ye Jin and Joon Mo at the park. It was for Cindy to come back. They promised to let her by tomorrow. Now is her birthday and they will make it a happy day for her.

Cindy continues to witness how besotted Seung Chan to Ye Jin. On the other hand Ye Jin is clueless. But Joon Mo started noticing Seung Chan's actions of trying to impress Ye Jin. 

A battle on karaoke began. Cindy felt out of place. She was not a part of the group. But she tried.

Cindy went home the next day. She kept the fact that she stayed with Joon Mo and Ye Jin. She told CEO Byun she has friends.

Somebody wants to arrange a blind date for Ye Jin. Kim Hong Soon was talking at it during their meals. Seung Chan was there also. Suddenly it made his day sour. During his walk with Ye Jin he tried to tell her it is not a good idea. He even bothered Joon Mo about it if it was okay for him to let Ye Jin go out on a date. 

I guess seung Chan got his courage to go with his feelings for Ye Jin knowing Joon Mo is alright with her dating another guy. But he is buying his time for a perfect confession. 

A new cameo in this episode. Go Ara appeared as Cindy's friend / enemy. The program wanted Cindy to make a call to one of her friends and have a get together with her for an interview. 

Go Ara arrived against her wishes because her agency made her do it. Both girls tried to be friendly in front of the camera. It was pure of sarcasms between them. Seung Chan realized they were not really friends. 

There was an activity at the company. All variety staffs and production team were gathered to play soccer and some more at the field. Even the President joined in the fun activity. The hilarious part, everyone wanted the game to end early because it is becoming boring and that the President was also playing. They were paving the way for him to kick the ball towards the net but here comes the naive rookie who only wanted to impress Ye Jin. He was playing very hard to get the point, to the others annoyance. At the end, his kick was blocked by who else but Joon Mo.

Then Ye Jin and her subordinate Da Jung faced each other, the latter throwing a hard ball towards her. Clearly there is no love lost between these two.

And another pair that has something going on between them..

Movie time for Ye Jin and Seung Chan that night. He was so excited for this date. 

Ye Jin was just showing her appreciation to her hoobae. On his way to the movie date Cindy called him, waiting by his house. It also rained suddenly. I t has become a dilemma for Seung Chan. He could not reached Ye Jin's phone. He was there, inside his car, thinking what to do.

Who will he choose? 


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