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Friday, October 16, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] GIF Six Flying Dragons Episode 2 Highlights

It's so easy to judge and say that Lee Seong Gye is a weak man after all and not the great virtuous man and father to Lee Bang Won. Prime Minister has so many means to harm not only Lee Seong Gye but his family that anyone in Lee Seong Gye's position would somehow back down because PM is really a scary man. It might looked like Seong Gye is retreating and letting PM win by vowing in front of him, but the reasons are, there are times one must know how to calculate things and possible loss.

The episode is about the PM wanting to be Yuan's ally. He is willing to open the gates of Goryeo for Yuan but the result of this happening will make an enemy of Ming. Ministers and scholars are against this idea because no one wants war to erupt between Goryeo and Ming. Goryeo will definitely suffer because it will fight for Yuan.

Prime Minister and his right hand Gil Tae Mi are happy to know that Lee Seong Gye had declined the offer of becoming a minister. Other ministers in the palace were surprised that he turned down the position offered to him by the current King. They thought that Sambong Jung Do Jeon was right when he predicted this scenario.

Now, they are all curious to know who is the greeter for the Yuan envoy. Without their knowledge, Prime Minister had already one in mind. At first I was fooled to think that Do Jeon was also an enemy and an ally of the PM. 

But then, PM was also skeptical of him. He was not completely fooled by Do Jeon's cooperation but rather curious of his true agenda. He thought that someone was actually helping him because the letter that was sent to him which had the red seal was not his doing. 

It reminded him of a case when the previous King was surprisingly killed by his trusted eunach. That letter that has a red seal or mark I think came from another yet unknown group. I am curious to find out if that group support the Prime Minister or they have their own agenda. The traitor from Lee Seong Gye's group is one of them.

A bit of a flashback...

The eunach who killed the King together with his group of supporters were saying that the King did an act of treason, meaning something that betrayed the country.  Prime Minister and Gil Tae Mi went to the palace. Gil Tae Mi was known as the best when it comes to fighting with sword. In an instant he was able to kill the patriotic eunach. I guess that was when the Prime Minister became even more powerful.

Every minister is now curious to find out the greeter. They were looking for Sambong/Do Jeon but could not find him. That's when they realized he might be the secret greeter. The Prime Minister even confirmed it. 

Two of the ministers felt that Sambong had not only betrayed them but was thinking of gaining some more power or position from the PM to do the task of greeting the Yuan envoy. They talked to others who were also concerned of the impending situation. They could not let the Yuans in and start a war with Ming.

Just then, the PM already had a plan to reveal Do Jeon's real agenda. Gil Tae Mi will post as the Yuan leader. It would serve the purpose of either accomplishing their agenda or revealing Do Jeon and others who will be his accomplice.

Do Jeon has gathered some scholars for support. 

When his colleagues finally spoke to him he let them know his plans. But they thought that Do Jeon plans on killing the envoy. Although it would be to their advantage, they would not let him be caught by the PM and his men. 

They tied him and hid inside a house where Ddang Sae was. 


Ddang Sae and Boon Yi had crawled inside a cage to escape the PM's house. Unknown to the men who were carrying the cage and some more carriages full of materials, the siblings were inside. Boon Yi was sleeping then when Do Jeon and his men appeared. The men scurry off leaving the cages. That's when Ddang Sae heard Do Jeon and one of his man talking about the plan the next day. 

Ddang Sae got out and was caught. He was tied and his into a house. The man told him that he would not be hurt. 

They would release him after the plan had been executed. And so, Ddang Sae heard one of the minister telling Do Jeon to stay and not do anything. Do Jeon begged him to let him go but the  minister did not gave in.

Realizing that there was another person inside the house, Do Jeon and the one who caught Ddang Sae saw and remembered him. 

That time, Boon Yi and Bang Won with his bodyguard were already outside to rescue Ddang Sae. It was a task that Bang Won did not want to do first because he was so disappointed with his father but Boon Yi kept on begging him to help her because there was no one else she could ask.

There were only two guards outside and they both easily passed out when Jo Young Gyoo, Bang Won's body guard fought with them. Inside they found the three. It was really a funny moment because, luck seems to be on Do Jeon's side with these children barging in. Boon Yi saw her brother. She with her small hands shook Do Jeon for doing that to her brother. Do Jeon was shocked. Ddang Sae told her it was the other man. She then turned her angry hands on the man and also shook him, too.

Do Jeon asked them to untie him. He babbled about stopping the war from erupting. He was then surprised that a child like Bang Won would be interested in what he was saying and that he asked him fervently if he would really do that. He was made to promise. 

The Plan

Yuan envoys arrived. Gil Ta Mi covered his head to fool Sambong.  While other were looking at the event, The Pm and other officials were also present. The time to "kill" the Yuan almost happened when Gil Tae Mi revealed himself. He told them about the plan of Sambong. It was almost perfect. Sambong as caught and those who supported him. 

But then Sambong laughed like a crazy man as he stood up from being thrown back on the ground. He revealed the "weapon" he was about to draw from hsi sleeves. It was only a piece of wood, nothing that would inflict harm. Just then he started telling the people around them on how they must not welcome the Yuan and start a war. They must protect Goryeo. Scholars started to cheer and voiced out their support. It was as if Sambong was given the proper venue to encourage the people to do their duty as citizens of Goryeo. The Prime Minister was not expecting this scenario. A Yuan went up the stage to the Pm and told him that the Yuan have heard about this and that they would not proceed anymore.

While all of these were unfolding, Bang Won was mesmerized by Sambong's bravery and command. He idolized him and his principles. He wanted to be like him.

The PM was so enraged that he ordered arrest of all who supports Sambong. Chaos followed as soldiers hit the scholars. 

While all these were happening Sambong started singing. A song so familiar to Ddang Sae. He told Boon Yi that it was the song that their mother was singing. Someone like this man could possibly know their mother.

Sambong Jung Do Jeon was the second dragon in the story.


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